UIA Statement


Ukraine International Airlines regard the statement of a Raynair manager that has recently hit the media to fully comply with the Irish low-cost carrier’s corporate policy applied during entrance into new markets.
In this case, win-win commercial arrangements between carriers and airports are substituted with the memorandum signed by the foreign carrier and Volodymyr Omelyan, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, who, in UIA judgment, subverts the provisions of Ukraine’s legislation. The latter is proved by an attempt to suppress the mere fact of the memorandum signing.
The above-mentioned activities affect the UIA interests. Seeking to defend its rights and legitimate interests, back in July 2017, UIA filed a number of legal claims with Ukrainian courts. Scanned copies of the UIA claims are posted on Mr. Omelyan’s Facebook page.
Ukraine International Airlines reckon that by releasing the recent statement the Raynair manager technically admitted the fact of prejudice to the UIA interests.

Ukraine International Airlines