Cheap flights from New York to Krakow

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Krakow is a stunning city of Poland, which is often considered its second capital. For this reason, a lot of tourists come here, and for a good reason. There are numerous historical churches and monasteries, as well as museums and entertainment venues. Klockoland Science and Entertainment Center is a particularly exciting spot for both children and adults as it offers a variety of Lego-based activities.

If you’re interested in New York to Krakow cheap flights, UIA is happy to provide you with the cheapest and safest flights to Krakow if you’re planning to visit it. Krakow is considered the cultural capital of Poland, so you’ll be able to see fascinating Wieliczka Salt Mine, beautiful Wawel Royal Castle, impressive Schindler's Factory museum, and a lot of other interesting places located in Krakow. You are bound to get unforgettable impressions.

Cheap Flight from New York to Krakow

When you are planning to visit some country, in most cases, you have a choice between what tickets to buy. Plan early and book everything in advance. It’ll affect your New York to Krakow flight price positively, particularly as UIA offers more generous propositions that you could use to purchase the best tickets for the good price.

In addition, UIA offers a special loyalty program known as Panorama Club. The more countries you visit with UIA, the more discounts you’ll get for any flight. You’ll be earning a certain amount of miles for every bought flight, and then you can exchange them for different special offers. So, your air ticket from New York to Krakow can open more opportunities for you than you initially expected!

Tickets from New York to Krakow

To get tickets from NY to Krakow with UIA, you can book the PS232 flight, which will take you from John F Kennedy International airport to Boryspil airport in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Traveling time is 8:50 hours, and there is a four-hour break. Spend it with benefit! You can rest or you can visit some nearby Kyiv attractions as Ukraine is also a popular country among tourists.

After that, you’ll be flying to Krakow’s John Paul II – Balice airport via PS925 flight, which takes about 1:45 hours. So, how long is the flight from New York to Krakow? The total traveling time is approximately 10:30 hours.

Cheap Tickets from Krakow to New York

After you enjoy Krakow sufficiently and visit all city attractions you want, UIA will help you get back home just as comfortably. From Krakow John Paul II – Balice airport, you will fly to Boryspil with the help of PS926 flight. You’ll have to spend about three hours there, and special relaxing spots and cafes will help you rest before the upcoming longer trip. When the time for another flight comes, you’ll be taken back to New York by the flight PS231.

Book cheap flights from New York to Krakow with UIA. See new places, collect free miles, and be assured that your flights will be cozy and safe!