Flights from New York to Chernivtsi

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New York is a big city with convenient flight connections to numerous destinations. If you need to fly to Chernivtsi, you will find excellent airfare from New York to Chernivtsi with good connection to save time. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights in this direction. Flights to Chernivtsi from New York J.F. Kennedy International Airport are operated by Ukraine International Airlines. It is one of the biggest air carriers in Ukraine, offering flight connections in almost all parts of the world. In fact, UIA offers the cheapest ticket fare from New York to Chernivtsi.

All New York to Chernivtsi cheap flights have a connection in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It is important to plan travel in advance as the flights are not scheduled every day. Early booking also allows finding good New York to Chernivtsi flight price. The earlier you book, the cheaper air ticket New York to Chernivtsi is.

Cheap flight from New York to Chernivtsi

There are flight from New York every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Flight PS232 New York-Kyiv departs at 01:30 and lands in Kyiv in 16:20. Flight PS41 departs from Kyiv at 20:40 and lands in Chernivtsi at 21:55. The overall time of the trip is around 14 hours with the connection.

UIA is flying to New York through Kyiv four days a week – on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Flights PS 42 Chernivtsi –Kyiv leaves at 07:00 and lands in the capital at 08:15. Flight PS 231 Kyiv-New York leaves at 11:30 and lands in New York the next day at 15:25. How long is the flight from New York to Chernivtsi? The overall time is around 10 hours.

It is important to know the name and the code of the airport when traveling on long distance. All flights from New York to Kyiv are operated from J.F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). They all land in Kyiv-Boryspil International Airport (KBP). Fortunately, there is only one airport in Chernivtsi with the airport code – CWC.

Tickets from New York to Chernivtsi

Travelers are recommended to visit the official website of Ukraine International Airlines to check New York to Chernivtsi flight time as well as New York Chernivtsi flights cheapest. The website has a user-friendly interface to allow quick booking. Clients need to register and create a user account before making any booking. If you experience any difficulties with booking or payment, please contact the customer support representative. Customer support team will be happy to assist in solving any problem or simply providing information on flight options.

Cheap tickets to Chernivtsi from New York

Become a member of Panorama club to book cheap flights from New York to Chernivtsi. Panorama club is a loyalty program designed to reward loyal customers. The more you travel with UIA, the more you receive. For each flight members of Panorama club receive miles, which can be exchanged in extra services and event tickets. It is possible to upgrade economy tickets from New York to Chernivtsi to a business class ticket or book priority boarding service.