Cheap flights from London to Kherson

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Ukraine is among the top destinations of the travelers as there history is currently in the making. Together with an incredibly rich history and colorful culture, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Kherson, in particular, is an interesting spot in the south of Ukraine with numerous natural attractions as well as worthy sightseeing places in the city itself. Ukrainian International Airlines is happy to provide the best and cheapest flights to Kherson from London Gatwick.

If you are located in London and plan your trip to Kherson, UIA is to offer you the cheapest air tickets London to Kherson. You will be able to visit the Cathedral of St. Catherine for some spiritual time as well as enjoy the landscapes, flora, and fauna of the region in the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. Check the UIA London to Kherson cheap flights to buy tickets at the most lucrative offer.

Cheap flight from London to Kherson

If you are planning your trip well beforehand, checking airfares from London to Kherson will help you to make the right purchasing decision. Book cheap flights from London to Kherson with UIA to spare some cash for sightseeing activities. Since London to Kherson flight price does depend on how in advance the tickets are purchased, make sure to buy your tickets from London to Kherson as early as possible.

By becoming a member of the UIA loyalty program, Panorama Club, you will also be able to save some money on the tickets. By collecting miles for using all types of UIA services, you get an opportunity to exchange these for special offers and discounts at airports all around the globe. UIA always returns the favor for your loyalty and devotion.

Tickets from London to Kherson

Already wondering how many hours flight from London to Kherson will take you with UIA? Your journey starts at the London Gatwick (LGW) airport with PS112 London Kyiv flight. In only 3 hours 20 minutes, you reach the capital of Ukraine for the 2 hours 30 minutes layover to get some rest. Then with PS45 Kyiv Kherson flight from Boryspil International Airport (KBP), you reach Kherson International Airport (KHE) in 1 hour 10 minutes.

In the end, how long is the flight from London to Kherson? All in all, this flight takes you up to 7 hours. However, you can also take a longer connection time in Kyiv to explore the city. PS114 London Kyiv will bring you to the capital of Ukraine early in the morning thus leaving the whole day for sightseeing. PS45 Kyiv Kherson flight takes off in the late afternoon thus making the total London to Kherson flight time 19 hours 25 minutes.

Cheap tickets to Kherson from London

Same conditions and prices hold for ticket fares from Kherson to London. The shortest journey back would be with PS50 Kherson Kyiv and PS113 Kyiv London flights taking you back in 6 hours 40 minutes. Flights with longer layovers are also possible. Whatever you may choose, UIA is eager to provide you with London Kherson flights cheapest and the very best services on board.