Would you like to feel like a special tourist and see Kyiv from the most unusual angles?

We would like to invite you to a unique flight to the most unusual place above the clouds - UIA plane, with the most unusual accompanying - pilots!

Take the opportunity to fly an Embraer 195 over Kyiv at an altitude of 900 meters above the Dnipro river, visit the Boeing 777, take a photo in the cockpit with the pilot, ask questions that have always interested you and learn interesting facts from professionals that you never knew before!

What mysteries are shrouded in the work of a pilot? Is it true that the autopilot does all the work in flight? Can you fly without engines? What is turbulence and should you be afraid of it? And many more secrets and life hacks for those who are afraid to fly!

Travel plan*
Flight time 1 hour 30 minutes
07.30 meeting at the Boryspil Airport. Check-in for the flight
08.10-08.30 boarding
09.00 take off
09.10-09.20 flight over Kyiv along the Dnipro river
09.20-09.35 flight to Prypyat
09.35-09.45 flight over Prypyat and Chornobyl
09.45-10.00 flight to Gostomel
10.00-10.10 flight over Gostomel, where AN-225 "Mriya" is based
10.10-10.20 flight over Kyiv along the Dnipro river
10.30 landing at the Boryspil Airport
10.40-12.40 a tour of the Boeing 777 aircraft, questions to the pilots, a photo with the pilot in the cockpit and drawing of valuable presents from UIA
* The airline reserves the right to change the date and time of the flight. In case of an emergency or force majeure, incl. unfavorable weather conditions for the flight, the airline shall warn the passenger of such changes as soon as possible. In other cases - no later than three hours before the start of registration. If the date or time of the flight is rescheduled, the passenger can reissue his ticket to another person free of charge. Voluntary refund of funds (at the request of the passenger) for the ticket is not provided, except in cases of illness of the passenger or members of his family traveling with him, in the presence of a properly issued certificate from a healthcare institution.
*equivalent to 110 USD