Book a group online

Plan to travel with friends, colleagues or partners? Take advantages of a new online booking service to issue tickets for groups quickly and beneficially!

Service allows to book tickets online for a group of 10 people or more for own scheduled regular UIA flights, and book tickets for a group of 8 people for transit flights.

The calculation of the ticket cost and booking on special conditions is carried out by the system automatically in real time or by an agent during one business day, depending on the conditions of the request.

Benefits of an online group booking service:

  • Get a guaranteed special price for the flight without entering information about all passengers during the booking stage. It is enough to indicate amount of passengers.
  • Get an opportunity to make a prepayment closer to the travel date.
  • Manage, change and track your booking in a convenient web interface.
  • Change the names and surnames of travelers unlimited number of times until the tickets are issued.
  • Enjoy the selected dishes from the pre-order menu and other UIA additional services by contacting UIA Customer Support Center after issuing tickets.
  • Get your boarding pass during online check-in or at the airport for free.

Check out a group booking short guide here.

Travel in a group easily and comfortably with UIA!