Rules for carriage of passengers and baggage by Aircraft BUS

General Provisions

Carriage along the route segment between Boryspil International Airport (KBP) and Vinnytsia International Airport (VIN) is performed by road transport (Aircraft BUS) by Slavutych-Boryspil Automotive Transport Joint-Stock Corporation, Private Joint-Stock Company (legal identity code 05538833, license No. 685 valid from 29/09/2016) in accordance with these Rules.

Aircraft BUS shall carry only those passengers who travel with UIA regular flights from/to Vinnytsia International Airport with a transfer at Boryspil International Airport.

Carriage by Aircraft BUS is governed by the legislation of Ukraine and these Rules.

These Rules may be amended without notifying a passenger by the time a passenger purchases a ticket for a route segment, carriage on which is performed by the Aircraft BUS. These Rules and amendments thereto are published on the website

Tickets for carriage, which includes a route segment with carriage by the Aircraft BUS, can be purchased on the UIA website, at UIA ticket offices and at air transport sales agencies exclusively with tickets for UIA scheduled flights. The sale of carriage by Aircraft BUS as a separate transportation service is not possible.

The rules for applying the purchased air fares, including baggage and carry-on baggage allowance, also apply to the Aircraft BUS, unless otherwise specified in these Rules.

Carriage that includes a route segment with carriage by the Aircraft BUS shall be subject to the rules for the use of flight coupon sequence as provided in Passenger and Baggage Air Carriage Rules – Ukraine International Airlines.

Ticket coupons are accepted only in sequence, starting with the first airport of departure specified in the ticket. A ticket in which a passenger has violated the sequence of using ticket coupons is considered invalid, if this has not happened due to the fault of UIA or its authorized agent. In case of violation of the sequence of using ticket coupons, UIA has the right to reject the carriage and refuse to refund the value of unused ticket coupons.

Carriage by Aircraft BUS is in the same class of service for all passengers, regardless of the class of service purchased for air transportation. When being carried by Aircraft BUS, the passenger is not provided with an individually defined place in the bus. However, when boarding the bus, passengers should follow the instructions of the personnel in order to comply with safety rules and rules for carriage by road, as determined by the legislation of Ukraine.

Compulsory personal insurance of passengers covering damages resulting from traffic accidents during carriage by Aircraft BUS is provided by Slavutych-Boryspil Automotive Transport Joint-Stock Corporation, Private Joint-Stock Company in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Informing passengers

The passenger may get all the information regarding the carriage by Aircraft BUS and these Rules on the website, in box offices, and by phone: +38 (044) 581-50-50, or е-mail: [email protected].