Premium Economy Fare Terms and Conditions

Baggage allowance

This fare includes two pieces of checked baggage, each weighing up to 23 kg, with the total sum of three linear dimensions (length x width x height) of each piece not exceeding 158 cm, and two pieces of free hand luggage: the 1st piece weighing up to 7 kg with max. dimensions of 55х40х20 cm, the second piece up to 5 kg and dimensions up to 40х30х10 cm.

Free changes, free refund

Premium Economy fare allows for a full refund of the cost of a ticket or its reissue for another flight available at the time of the request, if such request is made before the scheduled flight departure. Service fee is not charged.

Seat selection

Premium passengers may choose any of the free seats available in the Economy cabin at the time of booking, checking in for their flight or directly on board, taking into account the following terms and restrictions.

In accordance with the aviation security requirements, there are special regulations for seating passengers with disabilities onboard UIA aircraft. Prior to selecting seats for passengers with disabilities please contact the UIA Contact Center for detailed information.

First row seat selection in Economy Class is not available to:

  • Passengers with children under 5 years of age, except on flights to and from the USA, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Canada, India;
  • Passengers with their own oxygen balloon or oxygen concentrator, except on flights to and from the USA, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Canada, India;
  • Passengers carrying pets in the cabin, except on flights to and from the USA, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Canada, India;
  • Deportees as well as passengers who have been denied entry to a country of their destination.

Conditions of seat selection in an emergency row:

  • Seats in an emergency row are located near an emergency exit.
  • In exceptional cases, a passenger occupying a seat in an emergency row may be asked to assist in opening the emergency exit door. Therefore, such a passenger has to meet the following criteria: to be at least 16 years of age and in good physical shape, i.e. the passenger's physical condition allows him to assist other people in the event of an evacuation and will not result in injuries or damage to his health, to be able to understand printed or verbal instructions in Ukrainian or English. The passenger must be able and willing to assist in case of evacuation. Passengers who have chosen the seats in an emergency row, will be checked for compliance with the above-mentioned criteria.

For safety reasons, the seat selection in an emergency row is not available to the following categories of passengers:

  • Passengers with children under 16 years of age;
  • Children under 16 years of age travelling unaccompanied by adults;
  • Passengers who have purchased an extra seat, in particular, for carrying hand baggage / musical instrument etc.;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Passengers with disabilities;
  • Passengers travelling with pets in the cabin;
  • Passengers whose physical parameters do not allow them to fit in one passenger seat on board the aircraft, to fasten a seat belt due to its insufficient length, or to lower the armrests of their seats.

PLEASE NOTE: UIA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine the passenger's compliance with the criteria allowing him to occupy a seat in an emergency row. If the passenger does not meet these criteria, he/she will be offered an alternative seat from among those available at the time of the proposal.

Meals selection

This fare includes a free meal (during the flight, the passenger will be offered one set from those available on the main menu, or a set from the special meals menu pre-selected by the passenger). The fare offers passengers who prefer a vegetarian, kosher or Indian menu, a meal containing no pork or a menu for children instead of the main menu course, a possibility to select one special meal set no later than 36 hours prior to the flight departure time indicated on the ticket.

You can request your selected meal or make changes to the previously made selection at the time of or after booking tickets for UIA flights at the ticket offices, on the UIA website or via the UIA Contact Center no later than 36 hours before the flight departure time shown on your ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE NOTE: Meals must be ordered separately for each flight segment. We cannot provide the free meal selection or make changes to your order less than 36 hours prior to the flight departure time indicated on your ticket.

Additionally, passengers can select any number of paid pre-order meals according to the prices on our website, as stipulated in the PRE-ORDERED MEAL terms and conditions.

When choosing and purchasing meals in advance, the passenger consents that the pre-ordered meals he/she will be provided with may look different from the visually displayed and described on the website, and ingredients may be replaced with equivalent ones without any prior notice to the passenger.

Passengers flying with food allergies must assume responsibility for the risk. UIA does not accept any liability for allergic reactions to the food consumed or contacted onboard.

Airport services

This fare includes free boarding passes issued at the airport of departure, free check-in at Business or Premium class check-in desks, as well as priority boarding.