UIA complies with the IATA Operational Safety and Quality standards


On June 18, 2009 the new IOSA certificate issued for Ukraine International Airlines after the scheduled IOSA audit (IATA Operational Safety Audit) will become operational. 

In 2009 Ukraine International Airlines has successfully passed its third renewal IOSA audit once again in compliance with the up-to-date operational safety requirements of Iinternational Air Transport Association. 

The IOSA audit included flight crew simulator training check, the mandatory observations of flight services, passenger and baggage handling service standards, aviation security and cargo operational procedures in the base airport Boryspil. 

In accordance with IATA regulations the Audit is conducted every two years. In May 2007, the new revision of the IOSA Standards Manual was issued. Starting January, 1st, 2008, the regulations of this revision are obligatory for the IATA Members, both passenger and cargo carriers. According to this revision, the number of safety standards and recommended practices in aviation was increased from 760 to 916. Some of the IATA standards and recommended practices can be considered more stringent than ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and European Union standards.

“UIA continues to improve its operations and maintain its internal quality and safety standards, holding the leader’s position in Ukrainian and international air transportation market, – said Georgiy Zotov, UIA Vice President, Safety & Quality Control. – The results of the IOSA audit confirm that UIA`s internal standards are equal to the highest international standards and that the company is fully in compliance with IATA Operational Safety requirements.  Safety of airline operations has always been and still remains the highest of UIA’s priorities”. 

For more information about UIA IOSA registration renewed please, visit IATA web site 

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Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) became the first officially registered IOSA Operator in CIS that has successfully completed the special IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) in 2005. UIA became the 51st registered IOSA Operator out of 265 IATA members, joining airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, TAP, SAS and other leading airlines of the world that are on the IOSA Registry.

The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), developed by airline experts under the guidance of IATA and launched in 2003 is the internationally recognized standardized programme of auditing airline operational management and control systems aimed at improving the industry operations safety. 

The IOSA audit embraces all aspects of the airline’s activities which contribute to airline operational safety, including Maintenance and Flight Operation, Aircraft and Passenger Ground Handling, Cargo Operations and Corporate Organisation and Management.

The IATA goals are to improve airline safety globally, to standardize audit practices a, to set up a secure system of audit results dissemination and sharing, to harmonize the system of mandatory audits that airlines have to go through when leasing aircrafts, launching new international flights, or signing partnership contracts.

The IOSA standards are applicable to all passenger and cargo airlines. Airlines that are not IATA members are also participating in the Programme.

The IOSA Certificate has been recognized by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as meeting the audit requirements of the US Code-share Programme, for foreign airlines seeking code-sharing contracts.