Musical instruments

If you are planning to travel with a musical instrument on UIA flight, please note that a musical instrument can be transported both in the cabin or in the cargo hold.

  • As hand luggage
  • On an additionally paid passenger seat
  • As checked baggage
  • As cargo
As hand luggage

Passenger can carry musical instrument as hand luggage if this luggage fits in the overhead bin or under the seat in the aircraft cabin. In this case, the dimensions and the weight of one piece (with container) must correspond to the UIA standard free hand luggage allowance.

For details on hand luggage allowance please click here.

On an additionally paid passenger seat

Musical instrument on additional passenger seat must be reserved and paid in advance.

The maximum weight for the musical instruments in a package carried in a cabin is 80 kg.
Maximum dimensions: height – 150 сm, length – 65 сm, width – 50 сm.

PAY ATTENTION. Musical instruments should be properly packed and required to be carried in a case/cover.

You can find out carriage details and request this service in advance via UIA Customer Support Center using the following online form.

As checked baggage

Musical instrument shall be packed in a hard case. UIA is not liable for damage if the musical instrument is not properly packed.

Standard checked baggage allowance and fees for overweight and oversize (weight/piece concept) are applied to musical instruments (including containers/cases) accepted as checked baggage in hold.

Exception: A double bass will still be accepted in checked baggage even if it exceeds the maximum dimensions.

For details on hand luggage allowance please see.

As cargo

If a musical instrument exceeds maximum dimensions it must only be transported as cargo.