Affiliate Program

Online Affiliate Marketing

It Pays to Partner Online with UIA

If your website generates traffic results related to travel, especially into Ukraine and CIS, why not consider an Affiliate Agreement with Ukraine International Airlines and earn more revenue from your site?

UIA Affiliates earn a Booking Bonus every time a qualified ticketing transaction is referred from your site to  It’s easy – we’ll provide you with a UIA banner containing a trackable link.  Your customers can simply click through from your website to ours for instant access to UIA’s affordable fares and comprehensive route system.

How do I sign up?

Register your website with our Affiliate Program by completing this online Application Form.

Once your application is approved, we will send you a welcome email and a URL address that contains banner advertisements and is also your link to monitor activity levels.

Log into our system and select the banner adverts that best suit your site.

Insert these adverts into your site and monitor the sales figures through the online tracking system.

Booking Bonus structure:

Booking Class "T" (Low Cost price)

Orders per month Per Order USD
1 - 100 $ 1.00
100+ $ 1.50

All other Booking Classes

Orders per month Per Order USD
1 - 50 $ 4.00
50 - 100 $ 5.00
101+ $ 6.00

The more your site visitors book on UIA, the more you earn.

By way of an example bonus, if your site generates 75 qualified ticketing transactions, we’ll pay you:

$4 x 50 transactions = $200 + $5 x 25 transactions = $125 = $325*

*The example below is valid for all booking classes, except "T" booking class (Low Cost price).

Your account can be accessed anytime through a special website link that includes online reporting on sales activity and booking bonuses earned. We will pay referral fees in case the total amount of fees is at least $350.

Who Qualifies as an Affiliate Marketer?

Would visitors to your site be interested in researching airfares to/from Ukraine on direct flights? Are you looking for a well-known and respected airline brand to partner with? If you’ve answered yes, this is an excellent opportunity to work with UIA to generate extra value for your site visitors and earnings for you!

We welcome applications from travel portals, banks, hotels, travel agents, tour operators, airports, Ukrainian community sites or other entities whose visitors are likely to have an interest in travel to the markets we serve.

How we use cookies to track productivity

We use cookies (small pieces of information stored on a user’s browser) to track bookings. Cookies enable us to establish the origin of the booking (your website). We’ll provide a 30 day cookie, which means that if your site visitor returns to within 30 days after having clicked through from your site, you are entitled to the Booking Bonus.

How Booking Bonus is paid

UIA will pay you for every successful qualified booking (PNR or Passenger Name Record) referred from your site to
Payment is made by transfer to your bank account.  Please note that payments are in USD and that bank fees and charges are the responsibility of the Affiliate.

Terms of Use

Your website must be fully operational and functional.  If your site does not cater to a European or international audience we may decline your application.  Websites perceived as offensive or controversial will not be accepted as affiliates.  Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions apply and must be agreed as part of the application to join. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us via email, otherwise apply online now!