Lost or Damaged Baggage

Finding lost baggage

  • If your baggage does not arrive at your destination, please contact the airport Baggage Service (LOST&FOUND or Passenger Service) office before you go through Customs and complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). You will get a copy of your PIR, information about terms and conditions of baggage tracing, contact details and a 10-character reference number (for example: ATLXS13166). Use this code for checking your request status through the World Tracer baggage tracking system.
  • If it is impossible to contact the Baggage service office, please contact a UIA representative at the airport in order to draw up your PIR. A PIR completed after you leave the customs area cannot accepted by UIA as an evidence of a property damage.
  • If your luggage is not found within three days, please make a list of your lost stuff (amount, description, manufacturers, date of purchase, prices) and send it to Baggage service office. Please specify your PIR number in the subject line of your message.
  • As soon as your luggage is found, we will contact and inform you about delivery.

Claiming for lost / delayed baggage

  • Claims for lost baggage will be accepted if the luggage was not found within 21 days. Passengers can present their written claim for lost baggage compensation within the time limit in accordance with the law, but not more than 3 years from the date of the flight.
  • Written claims for delayed baggage must be made no later than 21 days from the date of the baggage delivery to the passenger.
  • All required documents confirming the passenger's right to claim compensation must be attached to the claim, such as: ticket or route/receipt, fiscal checks for services, payment receipt for excess baggage, baggage tags, PIR, references about delays and other documents which could help speed up the claim settlement.
  • How to make your lost/delayed baggage claim: complete this online form.

Missing or damaged baggage content

  • If you find damaged baggage or missing baggage content, please contact the Baggage service office (LOST & FOUND) immediately and complete the Damage and Pilferage Report (DPR) before you go through Customs.
  • You can send your claim regarding your missing or damaged baggage content using the online form.
  • The missing or damaged baggage content claim shall be filed no later than 7 days from the date of the baggage collecting. All necessary documents that confirm the passenger's right to claim compensation and can reduce the time of application processing, must be attached to the claim (ticket or route/receipt, fiscal checks of paid services, payment receipt for excess baggage, baggage tags, Damage and Pilferage Report and other documents that could help speed up the claim settlement).

Consideration of claims

  • According to current regulations, the airline must consider the claim and notify the claimant about its satisfaction or rejection within three months from the date of its receipt, if transportation was performed by one airline. If several air carriers provided air transportation, the term of the claim consideration may take to up to six months.
  • We do our best to reduce the time it takes to process an application.

More information can be found in Passenger and Baggage Carriage Rules.