Sporting Equipment

  • Ski equipment
  • Golfing equipment
  • Diving equipment
  • Fishing equipment
  • Surfing equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Sporting/Hunting firearms and ammunition
  • Vaulting poles
  • Bulky sporting equipment
  • Other sporting equipment
Ski equipment

Each set of ski equipment is considered one piece of checked baggage. The weight of one set of ski equipment shall not exceed 23kg.

Each set of ski equipment may include only the following items (in any combination):

  • one snowboard, one pair of ski poles, one pair of ski boots.
  • one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles, one pair of ski boots.

Transportation requirements

The skiing equipment must be packed into a ski bag in order to prevent damage to other baggage. The ski bag shall not contain any other items in excess of the above mentioned.
If ski boots cannot fit into a ski bag, they can be packed separately into a cover/bag for ski boots, and they will still be considered as part of this set.

The transportation of each set of ski and other sporting equipment in excess of established free checked baggage allowance together with other checked baggage in respective service class, shall be charged in accordance with UIA regulations.

Golfing equipment

One golfing equipment set may include:

  • one golf bag containing golf clubs and
  • one pair of golf shoes.

Transportation conditions

There are no restrictions on golfing equipment on board any UIA aircraft.

Diving equipment

One diving equipment set may consists of:

  • one wetsuit,
  • one vest,
  • one pair of socks,
  • one face mask,
  • one pair of shoes,
  • one pair of flippers,
  • one knife,
  • one scuba regulator,
  • one empty scuba tank,
  • one tank harness,
  • one tank pressure gauge,
  • one diving lamp,
  • one spear-gun.

Transportation conditions

Diving equipment must be packed appropriately to safeguard against damage.
Air cylinders (scuba tanks) must be empty and the valve should be open or removed.
Scuba diving equipment may be transported both in hand baggage and in checked baggage provided the heat producing component or the battery is packed separately to prevent activation during the flight.
The battery that has been removed must be protected against short circuiting.

Fishing equipment

One fishing equipment set may consist of maximum:

  • two fishing rods,
  • one fishing reel,
  • one landing net,
  • one pair of fishing boots,
  • one fishing tackle box.

Transportation conditions

Fishing equipment must be packed appropriately in a recognised bag to prevent damage to other loads.

Surfing equipment

Surfing equipment set may consist of:

  • Windsurfing:
    • one board,
    • one mast,
    • one sail,
    • one boom.
  • Kitesurfing:
    • kite,
    • board or trapeze,
    • harness.
  • A surfboard.

Transportation regulations

Surfing equipment must be packed appropriately in a bag or a case to prevent damage to other loads. UIA will accept surfing equipment as long as the surfboard meets the dimensions and weight restrictions:

  • size up to: 300cm (118 inches);
  • weight per set up to: 32kg (70 lb).

Each surfing set that exceeds the maximum size and weight restrictions shall be carried as cargo.


UIA will accept single bicycles only as checked baggage. Tandems are considered as bulky sporting equipment and shall only be transported as cargo.

Transportation conditions

Recommendations for preparing your bicycle for a safe air travel:

  • handlebars must be fixed sideways;
  • tyres deflated to avoid any damage caused by possible pressure changes during the flight;
  • bicycle pedals preferably removed;
  • sharp projective parts shall be protected with plastic or cardboard to prevent damage to other loads;
  • bicycle should be packed into a special bicycle case.
Sporting/Hunting firearms and ammunition

Sporting/hunting guns set may include one rifle case containing, maximum:

  • either 2 rifles, 5kg (10lb) of ammunition, 1 shooting mat, noise suppressor and small rifle tools
  • or two shotguns and 2 shotgun cases;
  • or one pistol case with maximum 5 pistols, 5kg (10 lb.) of ammunition, noise suppressors, 1 pistol telescope and small tools.

UIA will accept on board its flights as checked baggage only in the aircraft hold small arms (combat, sporting or hunting), as well as ammunition of class 1,4S (UN0012 or UN0014) that are not considered to be dangerous goods.

Explosive and incendiary projectiles (bullets and shells) are totally prohibited for carriage by air.
Ammunition with gross weight over 5kg (including the case) per passenger and firearms ammunition with calibre over 19,1mm shall only be accepted for carriage as cargo.

PLEASE NOTE: Bows/crossbows can be considered as hunting and projectile weapons as well as sporting firearms, but not as sporting equipment.

Transportation conditions

  • Prohibited for carriage as hand baggage.
  • All firearms are transported unloaded and dismantled (if possible), packed in appropriate carriage cases, boxes or special metal containers, equipped with secure locks, inside an aircraft holds, which are inaccessible to passengers and crew throughout the flight.
  • Ammunition shall be carried separately from the firearms.
  • Firearms must be unloaded and with safety device engaged.
  • Maximum allowance for ammunition per passenger is 5kg (including package weight).

Vaulting poles

Transportation conditions on UIA flights

  • UIA accept vaulting poles for carriage on its flights as checked baggage, provided each set does not exceed the weight limits of 23 kg, including the packaging.
  • Each set weighing over 23 kg including the packaging must be transported as cargo.
  • The transportation of vaulting poles must be agreed with UIA in advance. Passengers must inform UIA no later than 72 hours before scheduled flight's departure about their intent to transport vaulting poles, specify the poles' weight and length including the packaging.
  • The service must be paid as per fees established by UIA.

Transportation conditions

Vaulting poles must be packed in a special case/hard cover.

Bulky sporting equipment

The following sporting equipment is considered as bulky:

  • bicycles-tandems;
  • surfboards longer than 300 cm;
  • spears;
  • kayaks and canoes;
  • oars;
  • hang gliders;
  • other bulky sporting equipment, and any sporting equipment heavier than 32 kg (70 lbs).

The above list is not complete and may be updated.

As per UIA rules, vaulting poles are not considered bulky sporting equipment.

Transportation conditions

UIA will only carry bulky sporting equipment as cargo.

Other sporting equipment

Other sporting equipment includes:

  • Bowling set:
    • bowls;
    • one pair of shoes;
    • bag.
  • Hockey equipment:
    • hockey sticks (multiple sticks not in a bag/box must be taped/attached together);
    • skates;
    • pucks;
    • gloves, pads;
    • bag/box.
  • Camping equipment:
    • one sleeping bag or bedroll;
    • one rucksack/knapsack/back pack or
    • tent sack etc.
  • Skateboard etc.

Transportation conditions

There is no limit to the number of items in one set of other sporting equipment types as long as it doesn’t exceed your free baggage allowance.

Any type of other sporting equipment must be packed appropriately to prevent damage of other baggage.

For information on free baggage allowance, always see your ticket.

Each set of sporting equipment is considered part of your baggage allowance which together with other pieces of passenger's baggage should not exceed the established free checked baggage allowance in a given cabin class. Each piece/set of sporting equipment is considered one piece of checked baggage, and its weight may not exceed 23kg in any cabin class. Excess baggage charges established by UIA will apply to excess baggage (number of pieces and/or weight over 23kg up to 32kg). Transportation of sporting equipment must be agreed in advance with UIA. For free carriage allowance of sporting equipment dimensions are not applicable.

Planning to carry sporting equipment or other pieces of checked baggage in excess of your free baggage allowance? Pay an extra baggage charge no later than 24 hours before your flight's scheduled departure and save.

Please, note: Additional services may be limited on partner airlines flights. For more information please contact your ticket agency or our UIA Customer Support Center.