Passengers of size

In order to ensure safety rules and comfort, passengers who cannot sit comfortably in a single seat because of his/her physical parameters should book an extra seat.

A passenger should book an extra seat on UIA flight if his/her weight is over 120 kg or/and physical parameters hinder:

  • to occupy single passenger seat on board the aircraft,
  • to fasten the seat belt due to shortage of its length,
  • to lower the armrests of his/her chair on board the aircraft.

Carriage of passengers of size on UIA flight must be agreed with the airline. Please inform us if you need an extra seat when booking your flight.

Payment of an extra seat is performed in accordance with UIA stated fare.

UIA can refuse a carriage of passenger of size without paid extra seat, due to physical impossibility to accommodate him/her on board the aircraft.
If the itinerary of such passenger includes a transfer from a flight of another airline into a UIA flight, an extra seat on a UIA flight must also be booked and paid for.
You can request this service via UIA Contact Center using the following online form.

Please note: Rules of carriage of passenger of size on flights operated by other airlines may differ from the UIA rules.