Pre-order meal service

We are resuming flights in new conditions and introducing enhanced approach to safe onboard meals and drinks. For food and drinks preparation, we use only sealed individual catering packing from the manufacturer made on the automated capacities avoiding direct human contact. Meals are heated and served in a packaging which the cabin crew disinfect before serving to passengers. Drinks are served only in individually packaged catering disposables. Water comes in individual packaging.



Lentil cream soup with garlic croutons - rich taste of travel. As a final note: healthy snack of nuts and dried fruits.


Lentil soup


Price : 8 €

Healthy breakfast consists of oatmeal porridge. And for a good mood: croissant with jam.




Price : 6 €

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Pre-order Meal Menu

Buy on Board menu on UIA flights

Enjoy our in-flight Buy on Board menu – order snacks, soups, sandwiches, soft or alcoholic drinks, tea or coffee. Available in Economy class on all UIA international scheduled flights and on charter flights. Also, a dedicated Buy on Board menu offering a selection of snacks, sandwiches, and drinks, is available on domestic flights to passengers traveling accross Ukraine.

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Complimentary in-flight meals are available:

  • in all service classes on the following UIA flights: Kyiv ↔ Bangkok, New York, Delhi, Toronto, (the Buy on Board menu on these routes only includes drinks and snacks from our Snack Bar);
  • in Business class on all UIA flights operated under the PS-code.


  • Paid meals can be pre-order in Economy, Economy Premium and Business Class on UIA scheduled flights (operated under the PS001-999 codes) and charter flights.
  • Breakfasts and snacks can be pre-order on UIA flights within Ukraine.
  • Pre-order Meal service is not available if your ticket has been purchased via partner airline and the flight number is different from UIA codes (PS001-999). For more information and for any other questions, please, contact the ticket office where you purchased your ticket. You can also get information in UIA Contact Center using an online form.
  • On UIA regular flights you need to order and pay for Pre-order Meal service no later than 12 hours before your scheduled departure time as indicated on the ticket.
  • On UIA charter flights, you can pre-order and pay for meals on the UIA website or at a travel agency no later than 12 hours prior to the flight departure time indicated on the ticket.
  • Please keep your printed payment confirmation to present it on board.
  • When choosing and purchasing meals in advance, the passenger consents that the pre-order meals he/she will be provided with may look different from the visually displayed and described on the website, and ingredients may be replaced with equivalent ones without any prior notice to the passenger.
  • Passengers having food allergies must assume responsibility for the risk. We will not assume any liability for allergic reactions to the food consumed or contacted on board.
  • Until the passenger effects payment for pre-order meals, UIA reserves a right to change the terms of the pre-order meal service, including the cost and selection of meals at any time unilaterally, without any prior notice to the passenger.

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Terms of unused service refund

  • In order to get a refund of the purchased pre-ordered meals or rearrange the order for another flight (if UIA has such a possibility), the passenger/payer* must apply to the place where the service was purchased no later than 24 hours before scheduled departure time as indicated on the ticket.
  • If the meals were pre-ordered and paid for via the UIA website, the passenger/payer* must send a relevant application within the above-stated period to the e-mail address from which the passenger/payer* received a confirmation of the order, or apply to the UIA Contact Center.
  • If the passenger/payer* applies for a refund of the purchased pre-ordered meals later than stipulated above, he/she will not be eligible to apply for a refund for pre-ordered and paid meals or rearrange the order for another flight, except as otherwise set forth below in the exception clause

EXCEPTIONS: The passenger/payer* may get a refund of the purchased but not provided pre-ordered meals upon his/her refund application to the UIA Customer Relations Department after the flight/alternative flight departure in the following cases:

  • the passenger was not provided with the purchased pre-ordered meals through the fault of UIA on the flight indicated on the order or on an alternative flight if the flight indicated on the order was cancelled, changed, or delayed;
  • if the passenger was denied carriage through the fault of UIA.

In order to submit your refund application to the UIA Customer Relations Department, please fill out the feedback form on the UIA website.

* PLEASE NOTE: We issue a refund to the person stated on the receipt confirming the payment for the corresponding service, or to the bank account from which the payment for the service was made. If there is no information about the payer for the service, the refund will be issued to the passenger whose name is indicated in the order, upon his/her application.

UIA will issue a refund based on the service payment receipt and ID documents.

UIA reserves the right to refuse a refund if the passenger submits a refund application upon expiry of 12 months after the service payment receipt was issued.

You may rearrange your order for another flight (if UIA has such a possibility) via UIA Contact Center.

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