Refund of the cost of tickets

For refund of an unused ticket (or part of), where such refund is allowed by the applicable fare rules, and unused airport charges (taxes) and charges (taxes) of the airline, a passenger should apply to the place of ticket purchase. If the ticket is purchased on web-site, the passenger should contact an airline's contact center or complete a feedback form. In the feedback form the theme "Ticket refund" should be choosen and the information under article XX of the Passenger and baggage carriage rules of UIA should be specified. The Procedure, Terms and Conditions for the refunds are subject to UIA’s Passenger and Baggage Carriage rules, article XX.

If your entry visa is refused, UIA will refund the cost of your unused tickets*. The refund guarantee applies:

  • To all UIA flights to the destinations where entry visas are required;
  • If you return your unused ticket no later than 72 hours prior to departure (for flights from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia – no later than 24 hours before scheduled flight departure);
  • If the route (destination country) in your ticket matches the country whose embassy refused your visa;
  • If you provide an official refusal confirmation, including a receipt of payment of the consular fee.

* Service fees are non-refundable. The refund guarantee does not apply to low cost price tickets.

Passengers may be denied a full refund of the ticket cost if their actions or inactions caused visa refusal, in particular, but not exclusively: the documents have been completed incorrectly; the documents did not meet the consular office requirements regarding their form, quantity, quality; failure to pay the consular fee; if the applicant failed to attend an interview without valid reason, etc.

Passenger will be entitled to a refund of the ticket cost if a visa was refused despite having met all the requirements of the consular service. Meaning that the refusal to grant a visa was due to reasons beyond the passenger’s control.

Send your ticket cancellation and refund request to our Contact Center.