Flights from Milan to Colombo

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UIA offers you to travel from Milan to Colombo through Kyiv, the beautiful historic capital of Ukraine. PS314 flight from Milano Malpensa will take you to Boryspil Airport. Then PS387 will bring you to Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo.

To travel back, you’ll take a PS388 flight to Kyiv, with a chance to spend a whole evening and a night there, exploring its numerous points of attractions. In the morning, PS311 flight will take you home to Milan. Don’t forget to buy your tickets months in advance if you want a discount — this way, you’ll be able to travel at a much cheaper price.

City Attractions

Colombo has countless points of attractions that will fascinate you. The first must-visit place if the National Museum, a blindingly white cultural center represented by an ancient statue of Buddha. There are all possible kinds of art and collections there, so you’ll definitely find something that’ll intrigue you.

Viharamahadevi Park is a relaxing spot with stunning views. It’s the biggest park in Colombo that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy as its flowery trees, greenness, and fountains won’t leave anyone unmoved. Seema Malakaya Meditation Centre is another place that you must visit as it’s filled with Colombian nature and is situated next to a famous South Beira lake.

Panorama Club

If you want to make each of your subsequent flights beneficial, you should apply for a Panorama Club membership. This loyalty program allows collecting free miles every time you interact with UIA, whether it involves flying there with its help, staying at its partners’ hotels, or renting cars from its business associates. Later, you’ll be able to get significant discounts and make your trips cheaper.