Flights Italy - Cairo

Flights Italy - Cairo
Flights Italy - Cairo

Affordable Italy – Cairo Flights

UIA offers flights to Cairo from several Italian cities including Rome, Milan, Venice, or Bergamo with a connection at Boryspil Airport in Kyiv, Ukraine. While the first segment of the trip would be operated by different flights, the second segment (trans-Mediterranean) is operated by PS395 from Kyiv Boryspil to Cairo International Airport and by PS396 in the opposite direction. To benefit from the best prices, check our site often and try to book the tickets at least a couple of weeks prior to the departure dates.

Top City Attractions

Cairo has an incredible concentration of historically and culturally charged objects. Among the most important are: the nearby Pyramids of Giza; the Egyptian Museum; Al-Azhar Mosque; Old Cairo, with its Coptic churches, a synagogue, and the first Egyptian mosque, and the Citadel.

One can also visit the Mosque of Muhammad Ali (the Alabaster Mosque), made of white stone, with impressive, disproportionately slender minarets and the nearby Gawhara Terrace, offering a great panorama over Cairo. Khan el-Khalili, a souq (bazaar) where incredible antiques and handmade tourist souvenirs can be bought is another popular place. You also should visit the Sultan Hassan Mosque, a unique building representative of Mamluk architecture and Bab Zuweila, a medieval era relic that can even be climbed for a panoramic view.

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