Flights from Italy to China (Beijing)

Flights from Italy to China (Beijing)
Flights from Italy to China (Beijing)

Book plane tickets to China and discover the city of Chinese traditional culture and modern society trends by yourself. Beijing is a huge international city that can't be missed by any keen traveler or someone who loves to explore the world. To love it, you have to experience it.

Traveling to China has never been easier before. To make it even more comfortable, we've scheduled the flights from the main airports of Italy – both Rome (FCO) and Milan (BGY). With the arrival in the main airport of China (PEK) we offer a stopover in Kyiv (KBP) where you can take a nap, grab a snack or discover new brands and collections in your favorite duty-free stores. For lower prices, book in advance!

Places of Interest in Beijing

What to do in Beijing if you have a couple of days only? Everything. Beijing is a place where everything is going to be new, interesting, and exciting. Everything from food to street markets and famous landmarks is going to impress you here.

We recommend starting with historic places and traditional food. Don't miss a chance to try a traditional roasted duck that has a history of almost 200 years. Spinach noodles, stinky tofu, and rice are definitely something you have to try while staying in Beijing too.

And what is about some top attractions to visit? This city has lots to offer. Probably, you won't be able to see everything you should if you have a couple of days only. But find a minute to see the beauty of Mutianyu Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, and Gong Wang Fu.

Panorama Club

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