Take care of safety and comfort while traveling, as well as the removal of self-isolation for yourself and your family members, by taking PCR tests for COVID-19 at reasonable prices with our partners - medical laboratories "IMMD".

Our partners are modern laboratories with valid licenses for medical practice. They are included into the list of laboratories that are entitled to transfer results of PCR tests for COVID-19 and automatically end the self-isolation through the "Diy vdoma" application.

To end self-isolation, you must provide a phone number (the same number as in the "Diy vdoma" application form) into the test registration form.

Our partners provide an opportunity to take test before the departure from Boryspil airport, and immediately upon arrival at the Boryspil airport. For taking the PCR test you need to make registration, pay the cost and visit the laboratory.

In case of taking test before the departure from Boryspil International Airport, please consider the time required to take the test, get the results, and the validity of the test result.

how to buy a test

Choose a partner and click

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