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Visit the Chornobyl Exclusion zone tomorrow!

See with your own eyes one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world – a place where nature has recovered from greatest technological disaster.

Learn the history of the accident and get unforgettable impressions from the trip together with CHORNOBYL TOUR - the national tour operator of the Chornobyl zone, which is constantly working on the opening of new tourist routes.



Visit the most interesting places of the Exclusion zone: the ghost town Prypiat, the Chornobyl NPP, the secret soviet radar Duga-1 and the military town Chornobyl-2, abandoned villages, the Chornobyl town and other locations.

Professional guides will tell you a lot of interesting information about each location, deepen your knowledge about the causes and consequences of the Chernobyl accident, help to "see" and "understand" radiation. Also, during the trip you will watch how nature has recovered in the absence of people after a nuclear disaster.

Chornobyl tours Chornobyl tours Chornobyl tours


  • One-day or multi-day tour, group tour or private tour
  • Tour inside ChNPP
  • Air tour (helicopter or plane tour)
  • River tour (kayak tour or boat tour)
  • Sherp all-terrain vehicles extreme tour, photo tour and quest tour
Chornobyl tours Chornobyl tours Chornobyl tours


All CHORNOBYL TOURS are absolutely safe

The radiation dose you receive during one day tour in the Chornobyl exclusion zone is not higher than the dose you receive during 1-2 hour flight.

On our tours we follow only established routes, checked and approved by state dosimetrists. Levels of radiation on these routes do not exceed accepted norms and, if you follow all rules of visiting the zone, radiation does not affect your health in any way.

Chornobyl tours Chornobyl tours Chornobyl tours