User Profile Terms of Use

1. Program overview

User Profile Account Benefits:

  • Easily and efficiently manage your bookings, special requests, payment history, travel documents (including boarding passes and extra services purchased) that are stored in your User Profile on
  • Allows you to auto-fill your information for your travel documents and to make bookings more efficiently.
  • Create a list of frequent travel companions including family and friends.
  • Manage your subscription.
  • User Profile is available 24/7 through the website (except during system and software maintenance, when access might be limited).
  • All user sessions are automatically closed 2 hours after last activity.


  • The User Profile platform is constantly evolving to better serve our passengers. UIA reserves the right to implement changes or make updates related to the functionality of the User Profile platform or the terms of use at any time and without prior notification. All relevant information on the functionality and terms of use of the User Profile platform, including changes, can be found at
  • UIA reserves the right at any time to terminate the online “User Profile” program.
  • User Profile may only be used under these terms of use and only for the purposes specified herein.

2. Getting started: User Profile registration

Please note that the User Profile platform is only available for individual travelers.

2.1. Registration using e-mail address

In order to register for your User Profile, you will need to complete the registration form on the website, and set up your user name and password. Once you complete the form, you will receive an e-mail link, which is valid for 24 hours, to confirm your registration. If the e-mail address is not confirmed and activated within 24 hours, the registration process needs to begin again.

Once confirmed, you will need as the login your e-mail used for the registration and password to access your account.

Users registered using their e-mail address can link their profile with social networks through the respective tab in My Personal Data of the User Profile.

2.2. Registration with Panorama Club data

Registration is also available using your Panorama Club card number and password. All data provided for your User Profile will automatically be imported to your Panorama Club account. You should check the data in your Panorama Club account and if it is incorrect or not current, please update it.

To access your User Profile Account with your Panorama club information, you will need to use your membership number and password. After three failed attempts to log in your account will be blocked. Please e-mail UIA at [email protected] to have your account unblocked.

Users registered using their Panorama Club data can’t link their profile with social networks.

2.3. Registration via Facebook/Google

To register via Facebook/Google, you need to use the respective button on the login/registration form and follow the instructions. In this case, the minimum data set necessary for creating a profile will be automatically imported from the social network account. You need to enter an e-mail address if your account does not contain it.

If the database already contains the e-mail address which was entered or imported from the account, the user should enter a password from the current profile to link them. After connection is set up between the social network profile and already-existing User Profile, the user can easily log into the User Profile by clicking on the relevant button of the login form.

3. User Profile data and how to access it

After registration you can correct and enter additional personal data, data on traveling companions and family members, as well as any traveling and customer preferences. Data should be accurate at time of program registration as it would be ground for your identification as a user in your User Profile in case of a login change. By including personal data on traveling companions and family members, you are confirming that you have received their permission and understanding of the given Terms and Privacy Policy posted on the website to do so.

No one other than user should have access to their User Profile data, is responsible for maintaining the privacy of the access, which should not be shared with any outside parties.

You can edit the e-mail box in the profile created via social networks until the user sets a password. If a password is set, a letter with confirmation (with a link for activation as in case of registration using e-mail) will be sent to the user.

Data on booking can be displayed in the User Profile only if the user is logged in while buying air tickets/services on the website. Relevant icon with a profile user’s name at the top of the current website page indicates that the User Profile is being used.

4. How to delete your User Profile

To delete your User Account Profile, please send an e-mail with a request in any form to [email protected].

5. How to retrieve or change your password

Functions of retrieving / changing a password are available only to the users who selected an option to use their e-mail and password to register in User Profile, or set a password after registration using social networks.

To change your password, please choose the option “Change Password” in your User Profile. In order to retrieve your password, click on the password restore link in the access form for your User Profile.

If you register and log on with your Panorama Club number and password, then you can retrieve or change your password within the Panorama Club program page on the website.

6. How to change your email address

The e-mail address specified in the process on signing up is used as both login and contact information. In order to change your e-mail (login), please use the "Change email" ("Change login") feature available in your User Account Profile.
If you signed up using your Panorama Club program card number and password, the email indicated in the personal data section will be used as contact information only. To change it, just write down a new e-mail address in a corresponding field in your User Account Profile. In this case, the e-mail in your Panorama Club profile will remain unchanged.

7. Data protection

Personal data specified in your User Profile is always protected under the terms of current laws governing data protection. For more information, please visit the UIA Privacy Policy on our website.