Onboard polices

Passengers have the right to:

  • personal safety;
  • a decision not to travel if there is reasonable concern about personal safety onboard;
  • to advise our crew member to request assistance when life, health or personal dignity are endangered.

Passengers are required to:

  • maintain personal discipline and order;
  • wear personal protective masks throughout the journey;
  • take a seat on board according to the boarding pass;
  • obey all instructions from flight crew;
  • place carry-on luggage and personal belongings in areas specified by flight crew;
  • keep seat belt fastened when the “Fasten Seat Belt” overhead indicator is illuminated.

Passengers are strictly forbidden to:

  • create situations that threaten flight safety, life, health and personal dignity of other passengers and crew;
  • show disrespect or aggression toward flight crews or passengers, or to behave in a threatening, abusive, insulting or disorderly way;
  • deliberately interfere with the crew in carrying out their duties;
  • consume drugs or other substances causing intoxication;
  • consume alcohol, except drinks offered by the cabin crew, passengers in the state of alcoholic intoxication are not allowed on board;
  • smoke on board, including smoking e-cigarettes;
  • leave seat during take-off and landing;
  • block aisles, service doors or emergency exits;
  • damage equipment or other UIA assets onboard the aircraft;
  • carry any UIA property away from the aircraft or airport;
  • use any emergency rescue equipment and/or emergency exits without the crew's permission;
  • violate rules of electronic devices usage during the flight.

Rules of electronic devices usage during the flight
To prevent electronic devices from interfering with the aircraft’s radio and navigational systems, please follow these industry-wide guidelines:

  • radios, portable TV, remote-controlled toys and printers shall not be used at any time when on board the aircraft;
  • laptops, e-readers, video cameras, iPods, CD players, electric shavers, dictaphones or other recording devices shall not be used during taxiing, take-off, approach and landing;
  • mobile phones must be switched off or to "flight mode" when the aircraft doors are closed, and remain off or in "flight mode" during your entire flight. After landing, when the aircraft is parked and engines shut down, the use of mobile phones is permitted.

If a passenger fails to follow our regulations, the captain has the right to:

  • issue directions and orders that are obligatory to follow;
  • apply any reasonable measures, including coercion, to individuals who fail to obey orders and whose behaviour threatens flight safety and security; and
  • land an aircraft at the nearest airport and place offenders under the control of law enforcement authorities.

Passengers whose behaviour warrants it will have the following sanctions applied:

  • compensation by the passenger of any losses incurred by the delinquency on board;
  • compensation by the passenger of all material losses when the property of UIA is damaged;
  • deprivation of future right to travel on UIA;
  • loss of privacy should UIA publicise the infraction via mass media and the Internet.