Ukraine International Airline upgrades its image and style with a new staff uniform.


The new uniform, designed by famous designer Irina Karavay, is in UIA`s traditional corporate colors. It is stylish and modern. The new uniform is designed in different variants for each season; summer, fall/spring and winter.

Ms. Karavay, in commenting on her cooperation with UIA, said “Designing the uniform for Ukraine International Airlines was a unique experience for me. We spent a lot of time preparing and studying the uniforms of flight attendants from many international airlines in search of optimal design solutions that would distinguish UIA’s uniform from among the others and would create a fashionable, modern and stylish look. We have been thoroughly calculating in our proportions, original décor and a combination of garments, and selected fabrics carefully. As a result, our creative team designed a modern uniform that meets international standards and fits with UIA’s reputable image”.

When designing the uniforms, the designers had to achieve harmony between the uniform’s attractiveness and convenience. The uniform ensembles now include elegant between-season raincoats, cosy winter down coats, single-colour summer suits, striped pants, knitted polo-neck sweaters and scarves. New elements of the between-season outfits, yellow leather gloves and silk scarves, make the uniform especially elegant.

“In Ukraine, cooperation between a famous designer and an airline is something new and unique. Staff participation in the process was an important aspect of the design process. We are proud that UIA is a pioneer in this field, - commented Igor Sosnovskij, Vice-president Flight Operations. – We understand the importance of staff appearance for the image of the Airline and of Ukraine. Our cabin crew represent Ukraine International and Ukraine to the world onboard aircraft and in the cities where UIA operates its flights”.

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By the way, this is not the first time that famous designers have developed uniforms for an airline. In 2005, renowned couturier Christian Lacroix designed a new uniform for the Air France cabin crew. The designer of the recently presented in Schiphol Airport new women’s uniform for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was Dutch fashion designer Mart Visser.