Kyiv Travel Guide – Discover One of the Hidden Gems in Europe

Tourists often call Kyiv the “City of Golden Domes”. This is because when you fly to Kyiv, from any point in the city, you can see the majestic golden roofs of churches. We are extremely proud of our historical heritage, but in this Kyiv travel guide, we will show you another capital of Ukraine. Not the typical touristy Kyiv, but rather, modern and trendy. Find out in our Kyiv Travel Guide what there is to do in the summer of 2021 and book your ticket to Kyiv today at the lowest price.

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Avg price of weekend for two
less than 250€

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Free Wi-Fi
in many cafes, metro, and parks

Avg summer temperature
25°C (77°F)

Top Things to Do in Kyiv

Make a Yummy Journey Down One Street -  ()

Make a Yummy Journey Down One Street

The capital of Ukraine is a true paradise for gourmets. Just imagine, on one street you can taste not only a wonderful Ukrainian cuisine, but also appetizing masterpieces from different countries of the world. Fly to Kyiv and enjoy the first spot in our Kyiv Travel Guide – Yaroslaviv Val street, one of those Kyiv streets that delights all that walk its path. After admiring stunning architecture, we invite you to have a nice meal. There are Ukrainian, Georgian, Cuban, Vietnamese, Lebanese and European cuisines alongside multiple bakeries and pastry shops!
Learn History Through Mini-Sculptures -  ()

Learn History Through Mini-Sculptures

Do you want to explore the history of Kyiv by yourself? You can with just your phone! The project "Shukai!", created by the Kyiv manager and tour guide Yulia Bevzenko, is an entertaining quest. You pick up your phone, go to the city center and look for cute little bronze sculptures...each of which hides its own history of Kyiv. To find out more, all you need to do is point your phone at the plate with a QR code. Book flights to Kyiv, find a map with all the sculptures here and enjoy amazing city history!
Get Inspired by Breathtaking Kyiv Murals -  ()

Get Inspired by Breathtaking Kyiv Murals

Kyiv is a modern open-air art museum! Today, there are about 171 murals in the capital. Every year in the city, the number of bright murals famous artists from countries such as Spain, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Britain, Portugal, Italy and Ukraine. There is a separate website for Kyiv murals, where you can choose those that you find most interesting and create your own Kyiv walking tour map. You don’t even need any Kyiv tour guide. Book tickets to Kyiv and feel here like a local!
Discover an Immersive Open-Air Theater -  ()

Discover an Immersive Open-Air Theater

Do you miss the magic of live performances? Then we have something special for you in our Kyiv Travel Guide. What about flying to Kyiv and exploring the immersive theater? The performance begins with the audience gathering and receiving headphones from the organizers. Having put them on, the group moves around the city according to the directions of the voice, which immerses the participants in an interesting plot and guides them throughout the city. You can find all the details at the Uzahvati project website.
Relax & Chill Out in Green Urban Spaces -  ()

Relax & Chill Out in Green Urban Spaces

Did you know that there are 127 parks in Kyiv? Many of them offer a breathtaking view of the sparkling Dnipro River. Fly to Kyiv, rent a BikeNow bike (30 min = 0.6€) or an electric scooter (1 min = about 0.06€), and admire landmarks all over the city. All you need to do is download the corresponding mobile app. In our Kyiv Travel Guide we recommend you going to the following parks: Trukhaniv Island, Taras Shevchenko Park, Volodymyrska Hill, Mariinsky Park, and the Park of Glory.

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Is Kyiv open for tourists? What are the entry requirements for Ukraine?

Yes, Kyiv is open for tourists. To enter Ukraine, foreigners (regardless of country of origin) must have: a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to entering the country and health insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment in Ukraine.

Is Kyiv safe to visit?

If you book tickets to Kyiv, be sure – Kyiv is absolutely safe and calm for tourists today. In general, the capital of Ukraine is as safe as all European cities. Local people wear masks and maintain social distancing. Most people speak English, and many of the menus in restaurants have English versions.

Is Kyiv expensive?

Kyiv weekend tour for two costs around 250€. This amount includes accommodation, meals and entertainment. Tickets for the flight to Kyiv are not included in this price.

What if I book a ticket to Kyiv and my plans change?

Don’t worry, it's okay to change plans! Book tickets to Kyiv with peace of mind and change travel dates online for free using the Manage My Booking service, if necessary.