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Save 50% on baggage

You will save 50% if you pay a baggage charge beforehand!

Advance extra baggage payment is available to all passengers taking UIA scheduled or charter flights.

Terms & conditions:

  • a 50% discount is available when paying 24 and more hours before departure;
  • a 50% discount is applicable to a carriage of all types of extra baggage including carriage of cats and dogs in a cabin and is not valid for carriage of animals in a hold.

Ways of paying at a 50% discount:

Note: Cancellation or changes of the service can be made only prior to flight departure on passenger's application to UIA Contact Centre, UIA ticket offices, travel agent / travel operator, To consider the refund of the paid amount for the service, in case of its cancellation, you should apply to the place of its purchase.

In addition to baggage, you can pre-order meals and select your preferred seat on board.