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World’s biggest car rental service Rentalcars – the new Panorama Club partner!


Please, visit new Rentalcars and Panorama Club partners’ website by the link – compare offers from over 900 car rental companies at over 50,000 locations in 163 countries, choose the best and earn 2 bonus miles per each 1 euro spent for the service.

Please note:

  • For automated mileage accrual it is necessary to indicate your 10-digits Panorama Club card number during booking process.
  • First Name and Last Name of the person to whom the service is booked, must match First Name and Last Name of Panorama Club cardholder, the number of which is specified during booking process.
  • Miles are credited automatically on the basis of the Partners report till 15 calendar day of the month following the month using the service and the corresponding confirmation from Panorama Club Partner.
  • Miles can be credited retroactively within 6 months from the date of service using on the basis of the document confirming the service purchase and an appropriate confirmation from Panorama Club Partner.

Travel profitably with UIA and Rentalcars!

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