Lion Cub and Two Little Cheetahs Become UIA Passengers


On August 18 UIA carried some unusual passengers. An eight-month-old lion cub and a couple of cheetahs were traveling in the cargo hold of a ‘plane operating the regular PS 470 flight from Zurich to Kyiv.

The lion was flying from Tanzania to Kyiv via Zurich with its final destination being Tbilisi, Georgia where it was delivered by UIA.

The young cheetahs which arrived on the same flight were heading to the zoo in Yalta.  

Professional animal transportation is a part of the UIA cargo portfolio as for a number of years the company has been successfully cooperating with animal breeders all over the world. 

UIA has extensive experience of carrying all kinds of animals for its regular clients: from bumblebee breeding stations to zoos and terrariums. Over the past year UIA operated 35 shipments from Kyiv to various destinations as well as 6 shipments from Zurich to Kyiv and from Kyiv to Tbilisi.  

In the near future the airline is planning to deliver a bigger “live cargo” as the flight from Vienna to Kyiv will carry a hippopotamus.