Cheap Tickets from Copenhagen to Kherson

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What can be better than to start a vacation in a completely new place? Fly from Copenhagen to Kherson to discover this gate to Azov & Black seas. The trip starts in Copenhagen Airport (CPH) and continues in Kyiv Boryspil Airport (KBP) with the next flight to Kherson International Airport (KHE). So the whole route requires two flights with numbers PS164-PS49 and back PS50-PS163. If you want to get the best prices on Copenhagen-Kherson flights, be quick to book tickets as soon as possible. It’s a perfect way to save for sightseeing.

Best Things to Do in Kherson

Kherson is a southern town with lots of unique and picturesque corners, with a rich history and modern entertainments. Where to go first? Surely, with the central street where a lot of interesting venues located.

Include to your must-visit list a Historical museum, Kherson Fortress, and St. Catherine Cathedral. Enjoy local fish and seafood menu in numerous cafes and restaurants. If you have more time, take a trip to Black or Azov seas. Enjoy sun and cozy atmosphere of this land. Discover Kherson for yourself from different angles with a professional guide or using information from the Internet. And enjoy local wine, cheers!

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