COVID-19: UIA international air traffic suspension until April 24, 2020

UPDATED 26-03-2020, 12:50 LT

UIA suspends scheduled flights through April 24, 2020 inclusive

On March, 25, the Government of Ukraine extended policies on preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine nationwide. Therefore, Ukraine International suspends all scheduled flights throughout its route network through to April 24, 2020.

Due to force majeure, we have an enormous number of requests and inquiries regarding cancellations. Currently, our Contact Center does not take calls. So, please, be so kind, as:

  • To fill out the feedback form on our website to change your departure dates;
  • To send the ticket cancellation request and you will receive an e-voucher that you may use to purchase a new ticket for any PS-coded flight within one year;
  • To contact your agent at the place of purchase.
  • Due to a lack of resources, we feel unable to process all the requests promptly. Therefore, may we ask you to submit only urgent requests, for example, to reschedule your departure for May or June.

    Our team is working 24/7 to process each request, find the best possible solution, and reply as quickly as possible.

    Dear passengers, we thank you for your patience and understanding!

    Information about UIA ticket offices work during quarantine from March 17 to April 24

    Cancelled flights due to COVID-19 (updated 26-03-2020, 12:45 LT)