Pid Krylom

Pid Krylom, UIA Corporate Social Responsibility Program

We at Ukraine International are dedicated to targeted charity. Therefore, instead of launching a humanitarian initiative we founded a comprehensive program meant to pull the efforts of a vast selection of charity and voluntary organizations.

We aspire to help those who need a little support, assistance, and inspiration to move on and live a better and a happier life. Our mission is to lend wings.

We lend wings to seriously ill children and adults who need to travel abroad to undergo surgery and receive medical care; military personnel who took part in the anti-terroristic operation in Eastern Ukraine, sustained physical injuries, and need to undergo treatment and rehabilitation in specialized medical institutions abroad; and their companions – family and doctors.

Therefore, we booked two seats at the price of 10 UAH on every scheduled international flight, including long-haul services, to carry the program’s potential participants. Annually, we guarantee over 90 thousand seats to carry passengers who face the life-and-death emergency.

A potential program participant should fill in an application form and send it to UIA minimum 72 hours prior to scheduled departure. Applications may be submitted either by the applicants individually or by the program`s partner organizations.

We are committed to the principles that all individuals who are eligible to enter Pid Krylom should be provided with equal access to the program. That is why we delegated the selection option to the Expert Board comprised of our partner organizations.

Potential partners, i.e. NGOs and charity funds, should fill in the special form and send their request to UIA to join the initiative.