UIA introduces 12-fold fuel charge reduction on its flights


Ukraine International Airlines decided to reduce fuel charges for ticket purchases originated from Ukraine. Effective 15 December 2008, fuel charges which constitute a portion of the overall ticket price, are lowered for all UIA internal and Kyiv-Tbilisi flights.

Fuel charges for Kyiv-Lvov-Kyiv and Kyiv-Simferopol-Kyiv flights have seen a 12-time reduction – from $24 to $2. The charges for the international Kyiv-Tbilisi-Kyiv flight have dropped by $28.

Furthermore, starting from 15 January 2009, UIA will considerably lower fuel charges for its European destinations. For example, the amount will be reduced by $54 for Kyiv-Helsinki flight and by $35 for Kyiv-Amsterdam flight.

“The worldwide tendency for aviation fuel price reduction which we have observed from October and the long-awaited fall in prices for aviation fuel in Ukraine allowed us to review fuel charges on both international and internal flights,” noted Dmitry Shinkarchuk, UIA Director Sales Ukraine. “If this tendency continues, we will continue cutting down fuel surcharges and consider doing away with these charges altogether.  Unfortunately, prices for aviation fuel in Ukraine at the moment remain considerably higher than in Europe.”