Inflight entertainment on Boeing 777-200ER

Inflight entertainment system on board of Boeing 777-200ER aircraft provides a widescreen video monitors from 9 (for Economy class) to 16 inches (for Business Class) embedded in each seat, allowing you to select entertainment video and audio content.

Video and audio content

Flight Information

In-seat power outlets

Video and audio content

The program contains more than 80 Hollywood, international and Ukrainian production movies, including the latest blockbusters, serials, TV shows, kids movies and cartoons. We also offer you a sports section, wide range of music albums and popular games. We offer entertainment content for viewing in Ukrainian, English, Russian, Chinese, French, Hindi and other languages.

You can connect to the inflight entertainment system your own headphones or those provided by UIA.


Flight Information

You can also get informed with real time flights information, as well as explore your favorite cities guide in the world. The three-dimensional Flight Path 3D map has the following characteristics:

  • Full three-dimensional globe
  • Touch control of gestures
  • Flight data in real time
  • Interactive display and content
  • Different types of flight observation
  • Guide to the world cities
  • Kids Map interactive app - Animals

In-seat power outlets

To keep your gadgets going throughout your flight on Boeing 777-200ER, we offer in-seat power in our Business, Economy Premium and Economy cabins.

There are two types of power options: USB power and AC power outlets.

Please be aware that for safety reasons, you can use these options to power your devices, but not charge them.

AC Power in Business and Economy Premium class

If you’re in a seat equipped with AC Power, you'll just need the standard plug power supply that came with your laptop or other electrical device.

The power on the aircraft is typically 110V AC. It has a universal receptacle that accepts the following types of plugs:

  • US non-polarised two blade plug (both blades are the same size)
  • US polarised two blade plug (one blade is bigger than the other)
  • US non-polarised two blade plug with ground (aka three prong)
  • European standard two cylindrical prong plug (two round prongs)
  • UK three pin plug
  • And other types of plug.

USB slow power in Business, Economy Premium and Economy class

Our aircraft also feature USB sockets to power your devices.


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