Panorama Club special offer “Invite Your Friend”


Invite your friends, colleagues and relatives to evaluate all the benefits of Panorama Club Loyalty Program - earn bonus miles and get awards!


  1. Special offer Organizer is Private Stock Company UKRAINE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES (hereinafter – UIA).
  2. The territory of this Special offer is internet.
  3. The Participants must be Panorama Club members at least 18 years old and older who accept all the terms and conditions of this Special offer.
  4. Special offer period is from 12.01.2017 till 06.03.2018.
  5. To use a Special offer Panorama Club member need to: 
    • Receive the consent from the person (passenger), which member is going to invite to Panorama Club and Special offer;
    • Clarify contact details of the person and get his/her consent to use contact details for the Special offer purposes;
    • Enter Personal Web Account on UIA website and choose item “Invite your friend”;
    • Insert person’s personal data, whose member is going to invite to Panorama Club: name, surname and e-mail address.
  6. A passenger, whose data was given by a Panorama Club member receives automatically generated invitation letter to join Panorama Club. To register in the Program a passenger needs to click the link that is mentioned in the invitation letter. UIA does not precede passengers’ personal data without his / her consent.
  7. A new member receives welcome letter with card number and password to his/her e-mail address after the registration was preceded.
  8. REWARDS. After making by a new member a first UIA own regular flight on which miles are credited: 
    • A new Panorama Club member will get 1000 bonus miles to the account.
    • A member who invited a new member will get 500 bonus miles to the account.
  9. Panorama Club member, who provide personal data of another passenger, while filling “Invite your friend” form confirms that he/she has read and accept special offer Terms and Conditions. The provided data is correct and he /she has received the consent from the person mentioned in this form to proceed his/her personal data for the Special offer purposes. A member confirms that is fully responsible, in the case of providing false information.
  10. The maximum number of Invitation letters sent by Panorama Club member according to “Invite your friend” special offer within 1 year cannot exceed 25 (twenty five).
  11. In case the passenger, who was invited to Panorama Club already a member of the Program or was registered in the Program not via the link from the e-mail, miles due to p.8 can’t be credited to the accounts.
  12. The reward cannot be exchanged for monetary equivalent.
  13. Organizer of the Special offer reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Special offer, determination of the rewards and other conditions, as well as cancel the Special offer at any time without prior notice.
  14. All decisions made by the Organizer are final and without appeal.

Share out with your friends, colleagues and relatives Panorama Club benefits and get your award faster!