Ukraine International Airlines supported the Ukrainian team at the World Air Games 2009 in Turin


From June 6th to 14th, 2009, Turin, Italy, hosted the World Air Games (WAG) 2009, the Olympic Games of aeronautic sports. 

UIA had organized the transportation of the team members and the balloon itself to Italy, supporting the promotion of Ukraine’s image in Europe and the whole world.

Ukrainian team consisted of 5 crew members - aviators of the Kyiv Aeronautic Society – head of the crew and the balloon`s pilot Volodymyr Borisov, chief-pilot Vladyslav Klymenko, pilot Volodymyr Bereza, and the enthusiasts Viktor Yakymets, Eduard Shesterikov and Volodymyr Tryliskyi.  

The UIA balloon crew successfully completed six spectacular free flights and took part in the closing air show of the World Air Games 2009. Participants and guests will remember the impressive sight of the blue UIA flag three metres high waving next to the 30 metre tall balloon piloted by the Ukrainian team.