UIA`s exotic passenger


On September 25th Ukraine International Airlines carried a young tapir from Vienna to Tbilisi via Kyiv. Thus UIA continues cooperation with Tbilisi Zoo. The Airline had already carried rare deer, sea lions, a lion cub, cheetahs and other animals for this zoo. 

For a number of years UIA has been successfully cooperating with animal breeders all over the world and is the only Airline in Ukraine which has major experience in animal transportation. The Airline offers a wide range of specialist services for such operations  in the framework of the UIA’s cargo portfolio. 

UIA has extensive experience of carrying all kinds of animals for its regular clients: from bumblebee breeding stations to zoos. Over the past year UIA operated 48 such shipments from Kyiv to various destinations as well as 8 shipments from Zurich to Kyiv and from Kyiv to Tbilisi.  

«Ukraine International has a conscientous approach to the environment and to nature. We support the efforts of Tbilisi Zoo in  endangered species preservation. Our personnel is certified by IATA to provide transportation of animals at the highest professional level, - said Peter Kukharchuk, UIA cargo director.- While carrying animals we consider the possibility of stress during the flight, climate change, special eating habits and the specifics of some animal species, requiring special care. We are happy to share our experience in the field of such specific transportation and to ensure that the flight for the animals is safe and comfortable”.