Ukraine International Airlines is the first airline in Ukraine to operate an international freighter


On July 9, 2008 the first Boeing 737-300SF freighter aircraft of Ukraine International Airlines operated Kyiv-Vienna-Kyiv commercial flight.

UIA is the first airline in Ukraine expanding its fleet with Boeing 737-300SF freighter, leased from GE Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS). This aircraft is the freighter version of one of the best-selling and popular commercial passenger aircraft in the world today. Such aircraft in UIA’s fleet increases capabilities for a wider range of the airline’s freight services.

Cargo module of the aircraft is equipped with industry-standard ULD (Unit Load Device) that satisfies all modern standards of the international cargo transportations and allows large quantities of cargo to be packed onto specially designed pallets.

The aircraft has an overall cargo payload capacity of 20,000 kg. Due to its highly advanced technology is capable of carrying a wider variety of cargos: including the usual mail and courier loads as well as specialized loads, such as:

  • perishables in controlled temperature environment,
  • safe and confidential transportation of valuables,
  • the professionally supervised handling of live animals,
  • bulky and oversized cargos,
  • the transportation of goods internationally termed as dangerous

With this addition, UIA’s air freight transportation network is being expanded to include the Liege Airport hub and East-bound destinations.

“This is a significant step toward enhancing the UIA cargo fleet and transportation services within our renewed Cargo Solutions Portfolio,” said Peter Kukharchuk, UIA Logistics and Cargo Director. “The 737-300SF freighter is a tremendous addition – it is a very fuel efficient, environmentally friendly aircraft which will provide lower operating and maintenance costs compared to the older types of aircraft used in the past.”

“Ukraine’s economy is growing and the need for high quality cargo services is on the rise,” said Richard Creagh, UIA Deputy President. “The addition of this new aircraft reaffirms our leadership position on the local market and allows us to be the premier provider of guaranteed, mission-critical, and ‘scheduled overnight’ services to a large number of destinations. We are currently in negotiations with possible partner companies to further expand our air freight transportation network and to offer new and innovative products to our customers.”

Due to constant growth of demand for freight services, UIA plans to lease another Boeing 737-300 SF in 2009.