Flights from Toronto to Ivano Frankivsk

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Ukraine is becoming one of the greatest discoveries for tourists with its rich culture and history. Ivano-Frankivsk, in particular, is the Southern-Western cultural center of the country and therefore definitely worth visiting from far and wide. Ukrainian International Airlines is thus always happy to provide you with the cheapest airline tickets to Ivano-Frankivsk from Toronto. UIA takes special care of your safety to ensure pleasant impressions about the trip and your stay.

If you plan to visit western Ukraine, make sure to check Toronto- Ivano-Frankivsk flights provided by UIA. Cheap fly to Ivano-Frankivsk is already available for booking. Thus, you will get a chance to explore one of the nicest cities located at the junction of the East European Plain and the Carpathian Mountains.

Cheap Flights Toronto to Ivano-Frankivsk

If you are planning your trip for some time so far, looking for Toronto - Ivano-Frankivsk cheap flights should be your priority. Book flight from Toronto to Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine well in advance to save some money for your adventures around the city. Airfare from Toronto to Ivano-Frankivsk does significantly depend on when you buy it, so make sure to conduct a purchase as soon as you know your final destination. UIA offers low-cost flights to Ivano-Frankivsk when buying several months before the trip.

Another option to get some advantages from using UIA would be by joining its loyalty program, Panorama Club. This is a frequent flyer program allowing members to collect miles and spend them on upgrades, reward flights, and further flight discounts. Thus, you get airline tickets to Ivano-Frankivsk in combination with a number of additional benefits and services. For example, air ticket to Ivano-Frankivsk may include transportation of your pets, priority pass or delicious Ukrainian food. Thus, don’t hesitate to spend your miles on covering Ivano-Frankivsk avia tickets.

Tickets from Toronto to Ivano-Frankivsk

How many hours flight from YYZ to Ivano-Frankivsk takes with UIA? This depends on the tickets. If you start the journey late in the evening from Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Toronto to Ivano-Frankivsk flight time takes 14 hours 55 minutes. You will be offered comfortable stayover in Kyiv Boryspil International Airport, so take your time to relax at the airport lounge. With PS 81 of Ukraine International Airlines flying to Ivano-Frankivsk, you reach International Airport of the city (IFO) in only 1 hour 20 minutes.

However, there is also an option to stay in Kyiv for one night and use the evening to explore the city a bit. In this case, you are able to take PS 79 direct flight to Ivano-Frankivsk from Kyiv the next day. The overall duration is 33 hours 10 minutes.

Cheap Tickets to Ivano-Frankivsk from Toronto

UIA ensures the fairest prices for plane tickets to Ivano-Frankivsk from Toronto. This also holds for fares and terms of return flights in the direction of Ivano-Frankivsk- KBP and further. So, make sure to select tickets to Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk, which suit your schedule to the fullest extent. UIA is always happy to provide you with the best services and safest flights to Ivano-Frankivsk from Toronto Pearson International Airport.