Rules for carriage of passengers and baggage by Aircraft BUS

General Provisions

Carriage along the route segment between Boryspil International Airport (KBP) and Vinnytsia International Airport (VIN) is performed by road transport (Aircraft BUS) by Slavutych-Boryspil Automotive Transport Joint-Stock Corporation, Private Joint-Stock Company (legal identity code 05538833, license No. 685 valid from 29/09/2016) in accordance with these Rules.

Aircraft BUS shall carry only those passengers who travel with UIA regular flights from/to Vinnytsia International Airport with a transfer at Boryspil International Airport.

Carriage by Aircraft BUS is governed by the legislation of Ukraine and these Rules.

These Rules may be amended without notifying a passenger by the time a passenger purchases a ticket for a route segment, carriage on which is performed by the Aircraft BUS. These Rules and amendments thereto are published on the website

Tickets for carriage, which includes a route segment with carriage by the Aircraft BUS, can be purchased on the UIA website, at UIA ticket offices and at air transport sales agencies exclusively with tickets for UIA scheduled flights. The sale of carriage by Aircraft BUS as a separate transportation service is not possible.

The rules for applying the purchased air fares, including baggage and carry-on baggage allowance, also apply to the Aircraft BUS, unless otherwise specified in these Rules.

Carriage that includes a route segment with carriage by the Aircraft BUS shall be subject to the rules for the use of flight coupon sequence as provided in Passenger and Baggage Air Carriage Rules – Ukraine International Airlines.

Ticket coupons are accepted only in sequence, starting with the first airport of departure specified in the ticket. A ticket in which a passenger has violated the sequence of using ticket coupons is considered invalid, if this has not happened due to the fault of UIA or its authorized agent. In case of violation of the sequence of using ticket coupons, UIA has the right to reject the carriage and refuse to refund the value of unused ticket coupons.

Carriage by Aircraft BUS is in the same class of service for all passengers, regardless of the class of service purchased for air transportation. When being carried by Aircraft BUS, the passenger is not provided with an individually defined place in the bus. However, when boarding the bus, passengers should follow the instructions of the personnel in order to comply with safety rules and rules for carriage by road, as determined by the legislation of Ukraine.

Compulsory personal insurance of passengers covering damages resulting from traffic accidents during carriage by Aircraft BUS is provided by Slavutych-Boryspil Automotive Transport Joint-Stock Corporation, Private Joint-Stock Company in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Flight check-in

You can check in for UIA flights, the route segment of which is operated by the Aircraft BUS, on the UIA website and from mobile devices. The automatic check-in is also possible. There is no need to check-in baggage separately for carriage by Aircraft BUS.

Boarding the bus

Before boarding the bus, the passenger must present an identity document, ticket or boarding pass. The right to be carried by Aircraft BUS is available exclusively to passengers who are listed on the ticket or boarding pass.

Boarding starts 25 minutes before the bus departure time indicated on the ticket. If the passenger does not appear on time or cannot identify himself as the person indicated on the ticket or boarding pass, he or she may be denied transportation. Neither UIA, nor the carrier company shall be held liable to the passenger for any losses or expenses arising if the passenger does not adhere to these Rules.

Itinerary on the route segment performed by Aircraft BUS

The stopover points during the transportation performed by Aircraft BUS include Vinnytsia International Airport and Boryspil International Airport. Information on the possibility of any intermediate stopovers at other points with passengers pick-up/drop-off and/or loading/unloading their baggage can be found at, at the ticket offices or at the UIA Contact Center.

The rules of conduct and duties of passengers when carried by Aircraft BUS

For their own safety, passengers should remain in their seats while the bus is moving.

Personnel who drive a vehicle and service personnel may not allow persons who are under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of psychotropic substances and/or threaten the safety and comfort of other passengers to be transported.

Smoking on the bus is strictly prohibited.

Restrictions on the carriage of certain categories of passengers by Aircraft BUS

On the route segment operated by Aircraft BUS the following categories of passengers shall be restricted from carriage:

  • Unaccompanied Minors (persons under the age of 16 without being accompanied by an adult);
    ATTENTION! Carriage of children under the age of 16 along the entire route, part of which is performed by the Aircraft BUS (Kyiv-Vinnytsia / Vinnytsia-Kyiv), is allowed only when accompanied by an adult passenger (a person over 18 years of age)
  • deportees and persons who are denied entry into the country;
  • persons with disabilities, whose condition requires adequate attention during transportation and adapting to their special needs during maintenance.

Baggage carriage

Items and objects the road carriage of which is prohibited by the laws of Ukraine, as well as animals, large sports equipment, including sports poles, weapons, and unfolded wheelchairs may not be accepted for carriage by Aircraft BUS.

Hand baggage and checked baggage in the same quantity as is allowed on the route segment for air carriage and indicated in the same ticket as the carriage performed by Aircraft BUS can be carried by Aircraft BUS.

The passenger’s own wheelchair only in a folded form and small sports equipment is accepted for carriage.

Please note: during transportation, where one of the segments is the segment with transportation by Aircraft BUS, the baggage for the flight is registered only to the Boryspil International Airport and is accordingly accepted for check-in for the flight at this airport.

Carriage of checked baggage by Aircraft BUS is performed under the control of Slavutych-Boryspil Automotive Transport Joint-Stock Corporation, Private Joint-Stock Company.


In case of failure of interlining with the flight, which is indicated in the same ticket as the carriage performed by Aircraft BUS, due to a delayed carriage by Aircraft BUS, the passenger shall have all the rights that the passenger has if the airline fails to provide interlining with the flight, for which the passenger has a confirmed reservation and which is indicated in the same ticket as the previous flight in accordance with the Passenger and Baggage Air Carriage Rules – Ukraine International Airlines and the laws of Ukraine.

General procedure for refund

Refunds are made at the place where ticket was purchased – at the ticket office of the agency for carriage sale, at the UIA ticket office or at the ticket office of the UIA representative office and in the currency in which the ticket was paid for.

Refunds in Ukraine are made in the national currency of Ukraine.

Refunds at the ticket office of the UIA representative offices abroad are carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation of the host country.

If the payment for the ticket was made by electronic funds transfer (payment card), the money shall be returned by the seller of the ticket to the payment card with which the payment for the ticket was made.

The amounts that are returned depend on the rules of the applied fares.

Service charge is non-refundable.

Refunds are made on the basis of an unused (partially unused) transportation document, miscellaneous charges order (MCO), an EMD document, a receipt for payment for excess baggage.

Refund is carried out:

  • to the person indicated on the ticket – in the case of payment for carriage in cash or by bank transfer;
  • to the account of the company, institution, etc. – in the case of payment by non-cash bank transaction;
  • to the account of the owner of the credit card with which the carriage was paid for;
  • to the sponsor that paid for the carriage – if the ticket is issued by telegram - Prepaid Ticket Advice (PTA).

Refunds are made upon presentation of identity documents and a document confirming the right to receive money.

Handling claims

In the event of improper carriage of checked baggage on the route segment where the carriage is performed by Aircraft BUS, the passenger must send a written claim immediately after the damage is discovered (loss of part of the baggage contents) and no later than within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the checked baggage.

Baggage is considered lost if it is not revealed after the search within 14 calendar days from the day following the day on which the baggage was supposed to arrive at its destination.

Any claim may be made within the time limit as set forth in the law, but not later than in 3 (three) years from the date of arrival of the bus to its destination.

Any claim of improper carriage of a passenger or baggage on the route segment where the carriage is performed by Aircraft BUS must be filed in writing and delivered or sent in accordance with the law of Ukraine.

The claim must be accompanied by all necessary documents confirming the passenger’s right to claim compensation depending on the subject of claim, including:

ticket (itinerary receipt), fiscal service payment cheques, receipt for payment for excess baggage, tear-off coupon of the baggage identification tag, act of improper carriage of baggage and other documents that can speed up the consideration of claims.

The amount of the claim must be proved by the passenger or other interested person.

Claims regarding the carriage by Aircraft BUS can be sent to [email protected] or by filling out a feedback form on the UIA official website, or to UIA postal address: 201-203, Kharkivske Highway, Kyiv, 02121

Depending on the complexity of the claim and the sufficiency of the documents attached to it, the absence of which makes it impossible to consider on the merits of the claim presented, within 15 days from the date of the claim’s registration a prompt notice is sent to the claimant stating the information on the receipt of the claim, requesting whenever necessary for additional documents and informing the timing of the review of the claim after receiving the documents required for the consideration of the claim.

The claim shall be considered within three months from the date of its receipt.

Personal data processing

UIA processes personal data in strict adherence to the requirements of applicable laws, solely if there are legal grounds for such processing and in accordance with UIA Privacy Policy.

UIA processes your personal data as far as one of the following conditions is met:

  • You have agreed to the processing of personal data (including, but not limited to, at the time and by purchasing an air ticket/ ticket or other UIA services at the time of contacting UIA through the contact centre/website/ticket office, etc.);
  • Processing is necessary in order to conclude or execute a carriage agreement or provide you with other services;
  • Processing is required by the laws of the countries to which/from which we operate our flights, etc.

Processing of a special category of personal data is carried out either on the basis of the passenger’s consent, or in case of need to provide certain services that require personal data of such category from the passenger (for example, due to health conditions), or in other cases stipulated by applicable law.

UIA provides air carriage / carriage services to most countries of the world. We need your personal data in order to fulfil this Contract, we and our partners could provide you with a comfortable flight/transfer and provide other services, including but not limited to:

  • make a reservation and issue an air ticket/ticket;
  • make changes to reservations;
  • process the incomplete reservation and contact you in case of problems with the reservation (for example, to send you a message if the reservation was not completed);
  • inform you about the route and provide other important information about your reservation;
  • ensure your check-in for flight;
  • inform you about changes in carriage (for example, in case of delay or cancellation of the flight)
  • take you and your baggage for carriage;
  • provide you with a full range of our services;
  • be able to inform you about all our special offers of air tickets/tickets and other services, including joint actions of UIA and our partners;
  • provide access to the benefits of Panorama Club/Panorama Club Corporate loyalty programs;
  • ensure the provision of ground handling services for flights and passengers;
  • perform procedures for security control, customs and border clearance;
  • arrange for baggage search and warning systems;
  • provide advice on entry/departure along the itinerary;
  • provide information support of your trip;
  • process your complaints and proposals;
  • improve our services, including through a survey on satisfaction with these services.

At the same time, in order to send you commercial (marketing) messages, we receive from you a separate consent, which can be withdrawn at any time by means provided for in the mailing list via the “unsubscribe” function or via the UIA website.

We can also send you push messages, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and other messages using various OTT applications, SMS messages, messages sent through other type/means of transmission in order to inform you about the flight information and learn about your feedback regarding the quality of flight service with us.

We ask you to provide only those personal data that is necessary to provide the service of your choice, to receive newsletters or to respond to your special request/claim. At the same time, if you decide to give us additional personal data, we will also be able to process them with the necessary level of protection.

If you want to learn more about what personal data we process to provide our services to you, we invite you to read the information in the “Personal Information We Process” Section of the UIA Privacy Policy. The list of main UIA counterparties to which your personal data can be transferred can be found on the UIA official website. Please note that this list may be incomplete and subject to change.

The rights of the owner of personal data in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and other applicable laws are specified in the “Rights of the owner of personal data” Section of UIA Privacy Policy.

The administrative body for the protection of personal data in Ukraine is the Office for the Personal Data Protection of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights. You can contact it with any complaints or proposals if you think that your rights have been violated in connection with the processing of personal data.

UIA has the right to periodically update UIA Privacy Policy, including if required by applicable laws. Therefore, we ask you to visit the UIA website to make sure that you have up-to-date information.

Informing passengers

The passenger may get all the information regarding the carriage by Aircraft BUS and these Rules on the website, in box offices, and by phone: +38 (044) 581-50-50, or е-mail: [email protected].