Flight coupons sequence

When travelling on UIA, please be aware of and comply with our policy regarding use of flight coupons*.

  1. UIA flight coupons are valid only for the sequence of transportation as shown on the passenger’s ticket, starting from the first point of departure via any agreed stopping point to the destination.
  2. An air ticket will not be valid if a passenger breaks the sequence of use of their flight coupon and commences their journey at any stopover or agreed stopping point, unless this is a result of operational interruptions by the airline or its authorized agent.
  3. In the event a passenger breaks the sequence of use of flight coupons, UIA reserves the right to refuse carriage for that passenger as well as refuse a refund for unused flight coupons.

*Flight Coupon means that part of a ticket or e-ticket that indicates the particular points of departure and of arrival (flight segment) between which the passenger is entitled to be carried with their baggage.