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UIA Scavenger Hunt is at the finish line!

January 26 – last day to receive a 25% discount!

Whether you are looking to explore old streets of Europe, or enjoy fast ski rides in the mountains, or simply be lazy at the sea shore, this is the chance to purchase a cheaper flight.

UIA offers an exciting world of travel at a discounted rate to satisfy most sophisticated travelers.

Only today on web site purchase tickets with a 25% discount for your chosen destination:

- sunny beaches

  • Kiev - Goa
  • Kiev - Colombo
  • Kiev – Antalya
  • Kiev – Abu Dhabi
  • Kiev – Lisbon
  • Kiev – Tel Aviv
  • Kiev – Madrid
  • Odessa – Dubai

- snowy ski resorts

  • Kiev - Tbilisi
  • Kiev - Almaty
  • Kiev - Zurich
  • Kiev - Geneva
  • Kiev - Helsinki
  • Lvov - Madrid

- romantic European capitals

  • Kiev – Amsterdam
  • Kiev – Berlin
  • Kiev – Brussels

- festive carnival sites

  • Kiev – Frankfurt
  • Kiev – Milan
  • Kiev – Rome

Offer is valid only today till 23:59! In order to get the discount just enter e-voucher code 4thHunting

Looking forward to seeing you on UIA board!

Conditions of e-Voucher 4thHunting

From Kiev to

Tbilisi, Almaty, Zurich, Geneva, Helsinki, Goa, Colombo, Antalya, Abu Dhabi, Lisbon, Tel-Aviv, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan, Rome

From  Lvov to


From Odessa to


Valid for sale:


Valid for travel:

From 26.01.2011 till 15.04.2011


E-voucher discount is applicable for all booking classes.



Date change

Fare conditions must be applied.


Fare conditions must be applied. In case of reissue e-voucher discount will be applied only if new dates are within permitted travel period of e-voucher.


Fare conditions must be applied.

Flight numbers permitted



FFP miles - Fare conditions must be applied.