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Fly! You’ve got a Birthday Discount from UIA!  

Wish you could travel on your birthday? Wish granted!

We at UIA are pleased to offer our dear passengers a 20% Birthday fare reduction for their current and future birthdays!
Feel free to invite your relatives and friends – travel and have fun together. Your guests are our guests and they can enjoy the discounts, too!  

When and how the 20% Birthday fare reduction* applies:

  • If you buy UIA tickets on your birthday (+/- 3 days) or for departure on your birthday** (+/- 3 days).
  • Sale period: from 11 August to 12 September 2014.
  • Travel period: until 12 September 2015.
  • Valid for any UIA scheduled flight operated under the PS code.
  • If you purchase round-trip or one-way tickets.
  • Can be used by a birthday person + 5 passengers travelling together (provided that the reduced tickets are for the same flight and the same travel dates).
  • At UIA’s Contact Center, our  ticket offices both in Ukraine and abroad as well as at the offices of the UIA general sales agents.
  • Upon presenting an ID (passport o birth certificate).


* The 20% discount applies to the first published fare levels in all classes (excluding S, C, W) and does not apply to airport taxes, fees and surcharges.
** If you buy tickets for your upcoming birthday, the fare reduction applies to the outbound flight departing on your birthday (+/- 3 days).

We wish you a very Happy Birthday and look forward to welcoming you on our flights!

May this day bring you peace, joy and happiness!
Yours, Ukraine International Airlines