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Registration number of the company/entrepreneur in a commercial registers.
As for Ukrainian legal entities/entrepreneurs it is a registration number /tax number from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (USREOU code/ RNOKPP).


Administrator is the responsible person appointed by the Company to register in the Program and to perform further administration of Company’s Corporate account with the full access level (balance check, awards issuance, membership termination, etc.). Company takes full responsibility for Administrator activities within the Program.


If your Company uses Travel Agency services, please, complete Agency section.

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I, Company’s Administrator by authorization on behalf and in the interest of the Company have read and agreed to the Panorama Club CORPORATE Program Terms and Conditions as well as provide UKRAINE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES (UIA) with individual personal data and Company’s data (including individual personal information: name, surname, date of birth, gender, communication data, other reserve contacts; Company registration details: company name, company registration number, field of activity, address of registration and actual location, communication data) and hereby authorize and give UIA voluntary and unconditional consent to the processing, storage, distributing individual personal data and/or Company’s data, including transferring to the third parties, the list of which is placed on UIA web-site, including cross-border transfer to the non-residents, according to the procedure established by the legislation, with the purpose of Panorama Club CORPORATE Program implementation, for UIA’s and its partners with which UIA has a contracts marketing activities, sending messages (push-messages, viber-messages, SMS-messages, messages of another type/method of transmission) to addresses specified in contact details about UIA’s and its partners’ services, pricing and marketing offers or for other purposes and method determined with the “UIA passengers and baggage carriage rules”, or for the implementation of other relations which require processing and/or opening and/or transfer of personal data and/or Company’s data.

Company and Company’s Administrator do not demand any notice regarding the disclosing (transferring) to the third parties including non-residents, of individual personal data and/or Company’s data with the purpose mentioned above, including the cases of personal data transferring to the new persons (contracting parties) due to the fact that UIA enters into new agreements with them, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection". I have read “UIA passengers and baggage carriage rules” that placed on