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Award and Upgrade Ticket Conditions

As soon as your request for an award ticket or upgrade is processed, a corresponding number of miles will be deducted from your account.

Award Tickets

  • One-way award tickets are available at 60% of round-trip award ticket mileage price.
  • Infant award tickets (under 2 years) can be obtained at 10% of the adult award ticket mileage price.
  • The mileage price for award tickets for unaccompanied minors is the same as for adult award ticket.
  • Award ticket/upgrade cannot be issued from a child's account (aged between 2 and 11 years inclusive) for an adult (passenger aged 12 and above) or infant (under 2 years).
    Child award ticket mileage price:
    • 100% of the mileage price when issuing the ticket for the miles from a child's account;
    • 50% of the mileage price when issuing the ticket for the miles from an adult's account.
  • Award tickets are transferable to any person of your choice. Card holder must send the application authorizing award transfer.
  • Award tickets are valid for one year after the date of issue.
  • Applicable airport taxes must be paid by passengers.
  • Award tickets cannot be combined with upgrades.
  • Economy and business classes cannot be combined in the award ticket.
  • In the award ticket UIA flights can be combined with the flights of one of airline-partner.
  • In the award ticket UIA flights cannot be combined with two and more airline-partners as well as two and more airline partners cannot be combined with each other.
  • Award tickets cannot be issued on charter and code-share flights.  
  • Stopover: if you wish to interrupt your journey, one stopover (up to 7 days) is permitted on either an outbound or inbound flight.
  • Stopovers are not allowed on a one-way trip.
  • If you spend less than 24 hours at a transit point, it is not considered as a stopover.
  • Open jaw: point of destination can be different from the point of departure; open jaw is allowed in the same award zone.
  • Round-trip award ticket can consist of maximum of 4 flight segments.
  • One-way award ticket can consist of maximum of 2 flight segments.
  • Award ticket cannot be issued with open date.

Administration fees



  • Available only on scheduled Ukraine International Airlines flights.
  • Upgrade cannot be arranged on charter and code-sharing flights.
  • Upgrade is arranged separately for each flight segment (for example: Kiev-London).
  • Upgrades cannot be combined with other awards.
  • Upgrades are transferable to any person of your choice. Card holder must send the application authorizing upgrade transfer.
  • The same number of miles is required for adults and children (aged between 2 and 11).
  • Upgrade for infants (under 2 years) can be obtained at 20% of the adult  upgrade mileage price.
  • Conditions of original ticket in Economy Class apply.
  • Club miles will be credited for your paid ticket in Economy Class.
  • If the ticket is issued at an agency, an upgrade to business class on UIA flights can be made only if UIA flights are issued on a separate ticket.
  • Upgrade can be made only if the ticket is issued on UIA ticket blank. UIA ticket blank number is 566.
  • When ordering an upgrade on London-Kiev, Paris-Kiev and Nice-Kiev UIA flights, passengers has to pay the difference between the airport taxes for economy and business class.
  • Booking classes U, X are not eligible for upgrade.
  • Upgrade can be ordered no later, than 24 hours before departure.
  • If the upgrade is issued via UIA representative offices in Ukraine and abroad the additional service charge can be collected.
  • Starting 2 June 2014, when upgrading to business class a service fee of 10 USD per each flight coupon (flight segment) will apply to tickets issued at an agency.
  • A service fee for upgrading to business class does not apply to tickets issued on the UIA website, at UIA's ticket desks or at partner offices Kiy-Avia and UFSA.