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Panorama Club expands the range of benefits for the members and provides additional opportunities for mileage ACCRUAL.

Get additional bonus miles on Panorama Club account for using excess baggage service with 50% discount.

Advance payment for extra baggage is available to all passengers taking UIA flights operated under the PS (001 – 999) code*.

You can pay for this service at the UIA ticket offices, UIA representative offices or via our contact center (+38 044 581 5050, [email protected]) no later than 24 hours before you fly.

The amount actually paid using the pre-order excess baggage service with a 50% discount

Mileage  accrual
for regular cost purchase

€12.5/ $15

400 miles

€25/ $27.5

800 miles

€27.5/ $30

850 miles

€37.5/ $42.5

1200 miles

€50/ $55

1500 miles

€75/ $82.5

2300 miles

€100/ $110

3100 miles

€150 / $165

4600 miles


  • For bonus miles automatic accrual you need to inform an agent about your Panorama Club card number when service booking.
  • First and Last name of the person to whom the service is booked must match First and Last name of the Panorama Club cardholder.
  • Miles are credited to the members’ accounts to fifteen (15) calendar day of the month following the month using the service.
  • Miles are credited retroactively within 6 months from the service date on the basis of the supporting documents (payment receipt).
  • Miles are not credited retroactively for the services used before 22 December 2015.