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Panorama Club expands the range of benefits for the members and provides additional opportunities for mileage ACCRUAL.

Get additional bonus miles on Panorama Club account for using Pre-ordered meal service.

Preordered meal can be ordered and paid not less than 48 hours and not more than 90 days before flight departure via UIA ticket offices in Kiev, UIA Contact Centre or by filling in the following form.

PRE-ORDERED MEAL MENU Amount of miles for accrual
Lunch 1 (PS11.2)
Lunch 2 (PS11.3)
Lunch 3 (PS11.4)
Lunch 4 (PS11.5)
300 miles
Beef sandwich (PS41.4)
Smoked chicken breast sandwich (PS41.5)
Beef sandwich (PS41.6)
Eggplant sauté sandwich (PS41.7)
Gouda cheese sandwich (PS41.8)
100 miles
Viennese cake (PSd-6)
“Choux” pastry (PSd-7)
70 miles
Meal for children from 2 to 10 years (CHML)
Muslim meal (MOML)
Vegetarian meal (VGML)
300 miles
Kosher meal (KSML) 700 miles


  • For bonus miles automatic accrual you need to specify Panorama Club card number in the online request form or inform agent about your Panorama Club card number while service booking.
  • First and Last name of the person to whom the pre-ordered meal is booked must match First and Last name of the Panorama Club cardholder.
  • Miles are credited to the members’ accounts to fifteen (15) calendar day of the month following the month using the service.
  • Miles are credited retroactively within 6 months from the service date on the basis of the supporting documents (payment receipt).
  • Miles are not credited retroactively for the services used before 01 April 2016.