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Buy on Board menu on UIA flights

Take advantage of our Buy on Board menu in flight and order what you like – snacks, sandwiches, soft or alcohol drinks, tea or coffee.

Please click and scroll down to see our enhanced menu (available from 15 January 2017):

The Buy on Board menu is available in Economy on the following flights

  • Kiev ↔ Amsterdam; Ankara; Athens; Baku*; Barcelona; Berlin; Brussels; Chisinau; Dubai; Dusseldorf; Geneva; Frankfurt; Helsinki; Istanbul; Kutaisi; Larnaca; London; Madrid; Milan; Minsk; Munich; Nice; Paris; Prague; Riga; Rome; Stockholm; Tbilisi; Tel Aviv; Venice; Vienna; Vilnius; Warsaw; Yerevan; and Zurich;
  • Dnipropetrovsk ↔ Tel Aviv PS791/792;
  • Odessa ↔ Istanbul PS717/718/719/720, Tel Aviv PS787/788;
  • Lviv ↔ Bologna PS301/302, Madrid PS943/944, Rome PS329/330, Istanbul PS703/704, Tel Aviv PS783/784;
  • Kharkiv ↔ Kutaisi PS501/502, Tel Aviv PS793/794;
  • Vinnytsia ↔ Tel Aviv PS797/798, Warsaw PS583/584;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk ↔ Valencia PS939/940, Alicante PS935/936, Venice PS331/332.

Hot lunches, salads, desserts, children's and special meals can be chosen in advance (at least 50 hours before departure) from our Pre-ordered Meal menu.

Complimentary in-flight meals are available:
(Buy on Board menu is not provided)

  • in all service classes on the following UIA flights: Kiev ↔ Astana, Almaty, Amman, Bangkok, Beijing, Colombo, New York, Tehran;
  • in Business class on all UIA flights operated under the PS-code.

Passengers of UIA-operated charter flights will be provided in-flight meals and drinks as per travel operators’ request.

* Note. Passengers, who purchased tickets for above mentioned flights (except flights from/to Kiev as well as Vinnytsia ↔ Tel Aviv PS797/798, Ivano-Frankivsk ↔ Valencia PS939/940 and Alicante PS935/936, Odessa ↔ Vilnius PS179/180) for travel date after Buy on Board concept implementation and was not provided with free meals, can request a refund of a meal cost by e-mail: Refund is equal to the cost of the meal (6 EUR) and can be used as a payment for UIA services.

Pre-ordered Meal menu Special meals