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How to Book online

Step 1
Click on image to open in a new window.

Step 1 – Book flight

  • Select your route by filling in fields “From” and “To”. You can use the drop-down menus (arrow on the right).
  • Choose your ticket type: One Way, Round Trip or Multi-City.
  • Select dates of departure and arrival. Use the calendar located to the lower right of the date.
  • Specify number of passengers of each category: adults, child and infant.
  • Click the “Flight search” button
Step 2
Click image to open in new window!

Step 2 – Flight and fare type selection

  • Choose the convenient flight and fare type. Click the fare type to find fare application rules.
  • To see flights/fares on alternative dates use the appropriate tabs or click “Previous/Following 3 days”.
  • Select your flight/fare type and click “Continue”.
  • If want to change request please click “Start over” or “Previous”.
Step 3
Click on image to open in a new window.

Step 3 – Information about your booking

  • At that point you can see detailed information about your booking: route, date and time of departure/arrival, flight number, fare application rules, price of the ticket.
  •  Check the information and click “Continue”.
Step 3
Click on image to open a in new window.

Step 4 – Provide passenger’s personal information

  • Spell your first name and surname in English exactly as it appears on your passport. Choose the title: Mr / Mrs.
  • If you are a member of Panorama Club specify the number of your card.
  • Provide at least one telephone number.
  • Enter your e-mail address. Please type you e-mail address carefully. We need it to send you the booking confirmation/e-ticket.
  • Choose the payment method. Find more about payment methods here.
  • If you choose “Bank transfer” please provide billing address.
  • Read the information in the article “Important” and tick the box.
  • Click “Confirm” button
Step 4
Click on image to open a in new window.

Step 5 – Payment

  • In case of using a payment card you need to provide the details of your card and click “Pay”
  • In case of choosing bank transfer you will receive an email with your Payment Order and payment instruction.
  • In case of choosing cash payment please show your booking confirmation received by e-mail at a UIA ticket office.

Step 6 - Confirmation and electronic Ticket

  • Once your booking has been finished, you will see a “Confirmation page” with detailed information about your booking.
  • Your e-ticket will be issued automatically and sent to you by e-mail upon receiving payment into the UIA current account.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our BookingHelp.