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Additional services on UIA charter flights

Order extra services to make your journey even more enjoyable! You can now book and pay for all additional services on UIA charter flights* on our website.

  • Choose delicious meals from our chef-created menu. Order and pay for meals at least 36 hours before departure. Submit your order online or at your travel agency / tour operator.
  • Reserve your preferred seat on board at least 24 hours before departure.Select your favourite seat via our website or at your travel agency.
  • Book the Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service. We'll take care of your child (from 5 to 16 years old) travelling alone. Meals are included.

  • Save 50%** on the following services:
    • carriage of cats/dogs in the cabin (a container + an animal, up to 8 kg);
    • carriage of sporting equipment;
    • carriage of extra baggage.

    The 50% discount applies if you book at least 24 hours before departure via our website, at a travel agency or any UIA ticket office. UIA charter flights passengers may pay for extra baggage via without limitations on the number of pieces.

  • Book carriage of an animal in the hold. You can order this service via our website, at your travel agency and any UIA ticket office.
    Book the services

Detailed information about services and charges can be found in sections “Checked baggage and hand luggage”, “Travelling with children”, “Travelling with pets”, “Pre-order your in-flight meals”, “Select your preferred seat”.

► Contacts for booking charter flights.

Please note.

*Accrual and using of Panorama Club miles for/on UIA additional services on UIA charter flights is not available.
**Discount is not available when paying at check-in.