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Baggage Tips

Make your travel less stressful and more enjoyable by using these guidelines when packing for your trip:

  • Plan in advance by finding out your baggage allowance and maximum weight allowed. Weigh your baggage before arriving at the airport.
  • With aim to recognize your luggage easily at the airport of arrival you can mark it with additional signs (bright sticker, ribbon, belt etc.).
  • Do not pack the following items in your checked baggage:
    • fragile or perishable items,
    • money,
    • jewellers, valuables (precious and semiprecious metals and stones),
    • electronic equipment (photo, video and computer equipment, storage devices),
    • technical documentation, business papers, securities,
    • art works,
    • medication,
    • passports and other identity documents,
    • musical instruments,
    • antiques,
    • unique or irreplaceable items.
  • Label your bags with your name and destination address and your email and/or mobile phone number. It's a good idea to put a label inside your bag as well as outside.
  • Never use your home address on baggage labels.
  • Please keep all your luggage tags received on check-in until you collect your baggage at the airport of arrival.
  • Secure all straps and handles on your baggage so they do not get caught in baggage conveyors or other equipment.
  • If you are travelling from or via an EU, USA, UK airports, as well as Zurich Airport and Kiev Boryspil Airport, please make sure that you follow the EU security rules for liquids and creams you can take through security checkpoints and onboard. We advise you to pack all such items in your checked baggage.
  • Remove all old tags and labels from previous flights.